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If you haven’t heard yet, Style Haul is a brand-new Youtube channel show which features different Youtubers showing off their fashion/beauty hauls. Style Haul was at the IMATS this year. Watch for me at the 3-second mark!
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Are you ready for my “biggest haul ever”? ;) Here’s all the fun stuff I got from the International Makeup Trade Show that came through town this past weekend.
I got this baby at the NYX booth. It’s originally $200, but at the
IMATS it was only $95! On my makeup jobs, I was dragging around two heavy, fire-proof train cases and a messenger bag. I just did a wedding on Sunday and I can’t tell you how much easier it was to get around with this suit case! I was able to throw everything (including brushes, cleaning supplies, etc) in there and set it up where ever my client needed me. WINNING
I don’t remember which booth I picked up this brush belt one, but it was only $12. MAC’s is $40, and I had noticed that the pleather material had started wearing away and my brushes were littered with little pleathery pieces. This brush belt is made of a more synthetic, stretchy leather and I’m happy to say it did the job.
From L to R: MAC ProLongWear concealers, GLEAM BY MELANIE MILLS shimmer lotion in Rose Gold, CosmoPop and D’Lilac lipsticks from LIME CRIME (in the cute pink bullets), LISE WATIER Apricot Primer (along with samples of the pore minimizer & SPF30), four sets of NYX Lashes. Basically everything here was half off!
I got the cutest Dinair airbrush machine! I purchased the Foundation Deluxe Kit which comes with 4 foundation colors, a tanner, a dewy setter, and 4 shimmer bronzy highlighters for get this: $129. Normally this kit runs on the Dinair site for $199, and even that felt like a steal. I had my boyfriend airbrush the tanner all over my body the second I got home, and I’m happy to report I am two shades darker now. This kit should really come with a slogan: “So easy, your boyfriend can do it!”
Oh, and how cute is the hot pink compressor?!

I forgot to take photos of these cool 24K Gold Collegen face masks that I picked up for my mom from KOLLEGENX. They are originally somewhere in the vicinity of $100 for four masks. I picked up 16 masks for $120. I’ll be doing a review on these soon… stay tuned!
I did good, right? Didn’t spend too much money…

Hello my fellow makeup mavens! This past Saturday, I attended the International Makeup Trade Show when it made its Los Angeles stop. I. Was. Floored. I didn’t even have time to attend any of the classes because there was so much going on on the actual floor! Talk about sensory overload…all the makeup giants had booths: MAC, Makeup For Ever, Naimie’s, Crown Brush, Dinair, Ben Nye, NYX and more. I was also pleased to see some of the new beauty lines that I was interested in like Lime Crime and Kollagen. Everything was priced at around 40-50% off! I was getting steals left and right. I couldn’t even move through the crowds because every person had at least two full-to-the-brim shopping bags in each hand. It was like anything that a female would be interested in– makeup, hair accessories, wigs, nail stuff, sparkles, glitter and skincare– had landed in one room and there was nothing left to do but dump your whole paycheck into the place.


DO wear a fun outfit, complete with colorful makeup and crazy nails.

DO network with other bloggers, Youtubers, and makeup lovers alike.

DO bring a friend for moral support — I brought my PR guru, Jenn with me. She does publicity for beauty brands and fashion. You can reach her HERE.


DON’T bring your husband or boyfriend. They will be miserable, and it’s crowded enough without having to fight your way through bummed-out dudes. It’s $40 a ticket anyway, what a waste!

DON’T bring your baby, or his/her stroller. Please see above. And may I add that every baby I saw there, no matter how cute, was distressed from being in the crowds and crying. Give your kid a break and leave him/her with a grandparent at home.

DON’T bring a jacket, or wear thick, heavy clothes. That place was a sauna! So many people packed into one place.

I ran into Iris from Youtube (LOVE her hair tutorials– she does a mean fish braid!) and was honored to be a part of her IMATS review video. Watch for me at the 4 minute mark!

Pasadena Convention Center

My publicist (haha) and beauty PR guru Jen

Done with Dinair’s Leopard stencils

Get your own airbrush machine here!

Gleam by Melanie Mills — a body shimmer product

Doing a promo for Style Haul on Youtube!

I adore this new line, Lime Crime

With the creator of Lime Crime, Doe Deere

I just loved her style

Margarita break at Islands– it was so hot!

I am sad that IMATS- L.A. is over… i wish there was a makeup trade show every weekend! But then I would be broke… and starving lol. See you all next time!

I made earrings! They are made with recycled leather strips and metal chains. I’m thinking about adding feathers to them next time I hit up the crafts store, thoughts? If you want one, just leave me a comment below or tweet me @Ladyc_84. I can make any color combo you want.  I’ll only charge the cost of production and supplies: $10/each. You wear one at a time. :) Enjoy!

Leather/Chain earring

MAC and Lady Gaga came out with a new shade from their Viva Glam line of lipstick and glosses. It’s a light, neutral beige that is universally flattering on almost everyone. Each are $14.50 and 100% of the proceeds goes to people around the world living with AIDS/HIV.  
The two colors here are named VIVA GLAM GAGA 2.

Here’s my version

Lady Gaga Lipstick and Lip Glass with Spice Liner

Upper Lid: Mylar (brow bone), Crystal Avalanche (inner), Gleam (lid), Soft Brown & Malt Shadows (crease)
Lower Lid: Fascinating Eye Kohl, Antiqued and Earthline liner
Lashes: #6 Lashes cut in half and used as demis.


MAC recently came out with a line of Big Bounce gel eyeshadows. I was extremely skeptical of this item, until my fellow artist, Bay Area-based photographer and friend Ashleigh (you can follow her @stayreddy on Twitter) pointed out their Trophy shade.

These gel eyeshadows are extremely sheer, which is why I initially didn’t like them. Ashleigh swept the Trophy’s champagne-pink shade on my hand and said to use it on my cheek bones and T Zone for a highlight, and my eyes lit up. It’s now an everyday staple for me. I adore dabbing it on brides’ collarbones and cheek bones for a subtle and long-wearing highlight that truly looks lovely in photos.

One of the most enthusiastic and genuinely happy brides I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on, Stephanie Nunez, married her long time love, Andy Faucett, last summer in Lodi, Calif. They had an outdoor wedding ceremony and held their reception in a winery barn. I was honored to be the makeup artist for her entire wedding party. I call this look, “Old Hollywood Latina Glam”!
June 2010

The funnest bridesmaids around!

Here’s to forever lasting love

1. Mood: Can sunburnt be a mood? Because I can’t stop thinking (and feeling) about the one on my shoulders and upper back. I went to the beach last weekend and totally forgot to get my back. Thank goodness for Solarcaine Aloe Extra Burn Relief Gel. I have an emergency bottle on stand by in my fridge at all times. It has lidocaine HCI (a pain blocker) as the active ingredient and man does it take the pain away.

2. What are your favorite hair products at the moment? I guess this is more of an accessory, but I’m really digging those feather hair extensions. So cute!

3. How do you feel about Chanel No. 5? It reminds me of my mom in the 80s: super glamorous, blue eyeshadow on her lids, red lipstick and a big, bold perm. While she did look fierce for the time, Chanel No. 5 just too strong of a scent for me.

4. Do you ever wear sunglasses? Oh yes: I gotta protect my peepers (and the skin around them) from the sun! I have a ton of Betsy Johnson cheap-o sunglasses I got through some internet sales, and my prized possession: my black Chanels with mother-of-pearl C’s on both sides. I have never spent so much money on one item before in my entire life (excluding cars and rent). And I probably never will again. Those sunglasses will literally be in my will.

5. Your preferred method of bikini line hair removal? Wax, wax, and oh…wax. Ladies don’t ruin your bikini line by shaving. For the love of your choncha! Your skin down there is SO sensitive and razors create tons of ingrown hairs and irritated skin. I have a great wax lady at Radiance of Life (Lu) who does an amazing job with this special wax that hardens on its own, and it’s eco friendly since she doesnt need muslin strips to remove it. She sprays the area down with Tea Tree Oil and I can’t tell you how soft the skin feels afterward. If you are in the L.A. area, please hit Lu up. If not, it’s always helpful to Yelp waxers in your area. You can read my review on there!

6. Three beauty products every woman should have? Some form of SPF, an eyelash curler and tweezers. I’m serious.

7. Three other things every woman should have? Self respect, an education and a large collection of shoes.

8. Do you consider yourself lucky? Very. I feel that most of the things in my life that have happened were from luck. And by luck, I mean God. If I didn’t have God in my heart, I don’t know where I would be right now.

9. Something you’re looking forward to today? Our show is nominated for an Emmy, and we find out tonight if we won….cross your fingers!

10. Weekly goals: Have FUN!!

1. Mood: You know when you wake up one day and you just feel good about everything in your life? Like, you realize it’s not a perfect life, but you’re content with it anyway? #ImThere

2. Have you ever owned a record player? Pops had one. He used to play his disco songs on it when I was really little. I vaguely remember the BeeGees spinning on the 1s and 2s and watching him boogie with his gold chain and chest hair out. And yes, this was during the eighties. Good times, if you ask me.

Me and Popz in the early 90s. He retired the v-neck shirts earlier.

3. Do you plan your makeup looks for the week or wing it? I have a “day look” for each season. I’ll change up the foundation, powder, blush according to the season. I try to keep it pretty basic for the office, then I go buck wild on the weekends with color, fake eyelashes, glitter etc.

Here I am, on a “natural” day with my boyfriend at the Dodger Stadium

4. A lipstick color that makes me you feel spicy? I’m jonesing for MAC’s Crosswires lipstick. It’s a bright POP of coral. Which reminds me, I need to take in my recyclables and snag that baby for free99.


5. Describe your favorite summertime dress.  Maxi dresses all the way! I have a cute gray one from Old Navy that I pair with a yellow neon skinny belt and yellow neon gladiator flats. Fun-ness! I love this color combo…

6. Do you keep a journal? No. I used to when I was younger. A few years ago I went through my old diaries and realized how depressed and angry I was. It was like a scar being ripped open again. I shredded every single page and vowed to never journal again. I only “journaled” when I was going through bad times so to be honest with you, I’d rather not relive them. Maybe I’ll start journaling when I become a mom one day…

No Thanks. (for now)

7. Your favorite makeup brush at the moment? I’m really enjoying the angled blush brush from Crown Brush. The angle on it is perfect for applying bronzer. And it’s still stiff enough to apply the bronzer directly where I need it, without fluffing out all over the place.

Second one from the top

8. Last time you jumped rope? Please. I have asthma. I couldn’t keep up jumping rope as a kid, let alone now.

9. Are you a heavy or a light sleeper? Incredibly HEAVY sleeper. I’ve slept through earthquakes, farts, my little dog howling at the top of his lungs, phones ringing, TV’s blaring, and both of my alarms- every morning. I imagine this happened from being trained as baby to sleep through noise; my parents having loud Armenian relatives over for dinner. I just slept right through the disco-hummus-wine-laden nights.

10. Weekly goals: Keep up on all my phone calls to friends and family. I’m horrible at that. I’m much more a texter/BBMer but I know I need to make more of an effort.

Hi all! I have some exciting news for those of you who don’t get a discount with Makeup For Ever, but would like to try some of their products. They are putting some of their best-sellers on QVC Tuesday Night, June 14 at 10:00PM (that’s 1:00AM Eastern). Here’s the flyer:
First of all, I adore watching QVC. They have some of the best sales hosts and make me feel like I really need that American flag quilted-on-the-oversized-cardigan sweater. It’s like a trainwreck- I can’t look away even though I know it’s a disaster. So imagine my delight when I saw that Makeup For Ever (something that people living outside of the South would want) was hosting their very own night on this amazing channel!
Makeup For Ever will be selling some “Exclusive to QVC” items, such as the Aqua Eyes Trio, Lab Shine Gloss and Aqua Lip Liner Duo, HD Starter Collection and Uplight (a new product for luminizing the face and body).  


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