My Very Own Edward


It’s that time of year again! HALLOWEEN time! God i get so excited for Hween…Thought I would share what my boyfriend Dylan and I did last year. High off seeing the Twilight movie and reading all four books in one month, I begged him to go as a vampire. He, being the amazing guy he is, sucked it up (haha) and fulfilled my request. He even let me put makeup on him and create bite marks all over his body. I know, bless his heart. I donned a long wavy bright red wig and some vampy eyes, as seen below. I’ll post up some more Halloween-inspired stuff soon!

Till then, enjoy! ❤


Body Painting

Here’s an example of the kind of body painting experience I’ve had. This was for an Aid for Aids of Nevada fundraising event held on Valentine’s Day back in 2006 at Krave Night Club. The model was fully nude except for the thong and cup-less bra she was wearing. The glittery hearts, as well as the conversation hearts, were all makeup (MAC Chrome Cakes). I was blessed enough to work for a great company like MAC who gave me tons of fun opportunies such as this one!

Bridal Makeup

Good morning dolls! Thought I’d finally post some photos of my work. This is the lovely Mrs. Angelica Rose McDonnell in November 2008. Got her ready for the best day of her life with the full Bridal treatment. She wanted a natural look (as most brides do), so i used some really classic lashes and of course waterproof eye makeup. Brides are my favorite clients, i love being there on their special day and making them feel beautiful.

Contact me on here for inquiries and appts. I would love to help you get ready for your special day! 🙂

Twilight Lip Venom: Product Review & Recommendation

Hi dolls! I’ve randomly picked some of my new obsessions and things I am dying to try to share with all of you. Let’s start of with the craze of the year: TWILIGHT. DuWop, a company who makes fantastic lip plumpers (they really work, i can witness on this) jumped on the Twilight money train and created Twilight Lip Venom. Basically, it’s the same formula as their regular Lip Venom, but this one is a “shimmering, crimson lip stain suspended in a venom-laced liquid lip conditioner” that should be shaken before use. Corny, yes, but totally marketable. I can hear pre-teen screams and stampedes into Sephora from here. Goes for $16.00