A Beauty Survey, A La Morgan Green

1) Mood – Focused and content. Everything is smooth-sailing right now.

2) Cheeks– Goddess Blush, an LE from MAC’s Raquel Welch line a few years back. I LOVE this bright coral full-powder blush. It “smacks” me awake in the mornings.

3) Fragrance– Rock ‘N Rose by Valentino. When it comes to perfume, I’m big on floral scents and bottle-style. This does both for me.

4) Sweet Tooth– I have a HUGE sweet tooth for any kind of confection covered in sugar or made with chocolate. I made my dad a birthday cake this weekend, and have been enjoying it for breakfast every morning since. Yummy FUNFETTI

5) Celebrity Crush– My favorite family the Jolie-Pitts. I just can’t get enough of this amazing little multi-cultural family. Talk about knocking down all the rules and doing what feels right, out of LOVE. Awww

6) Makeup Crush– I just splurged and bought Philosophy’s Makeup Optional Skincare kit. All my makeup artist friends rave about it, and I decided it’s time I jump on the bandwagon. It’s originally $129.00 and the price has dropped to $78.00 Additionally, Border’s Rewards program is offering an extra 10% off and free shipping with this code: 3n425864 at checkout. Can’t wait till it gets here! I’m a SUCKER for free shipping!

7) Outfit– I’m pretty impressed with myself today. I love the new spring trend of blush and nude-toned getups, so I bought a short nude-colored dress at Marshall’s for $20 and paired it with black nail polish, black sheer hose and open toe nude heels. And yes, I’m snapping in Z formation as I type this.

*pic coming soon…

8) Hair– Since my outfit is so fresh, I kept my hair simple by leaving it down and straight (With a deep part that is practically a combover. Donald Trump would be proud).

*not too amazing, I’ll skip the pic here*

9)Song of the Day– I always have GaGa on the brain! Today’s delicious song stuck in my head is her newest collaboration with Beyonce called “TELEPHONE”. I highly recommend Youtubing the video.

10) Goals for the Week– Finishing the Whole Body 2-week cleanse I’m doing, celebrating our 2-year anniversary with my BF by riding horseback through the Hollywood Hills at sunset, seeing Rob Pattinson’s new flick Remember Me with sis, and finding my boss a replacement for myself, since I recently was promoted. 🙂 BUSY and FUN week!

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