Just having some fun with Sis one night and came up with this look. She’s always been my happy little guinea pig, so when i asked if I could do her eyes at midnight last night, she didn’t bat a fake eyelash. I love her eyes, and they are so much fun to do makeup on. After showing our great-grandma this pic, she said that it reminded her “of the gypsies that would knock on our doors in Lebanon selling cheese and milk.” So Gypsy is what I’ll call this. 🙂
*Mask part was done using MAC’s Liquidlast liners, Chromacake and Copper Glitter.

New Under-Eye Products

Lately, the most frequently asked question I get is “how do I get rid of these puffy, baggy, wrinkly under-eyes?” While plastic surgery is probably the only answer to that, I can vouch for these two products below to help improve the look of said “puffy, baggy, wrinkly under-eyes.” Both are relatively new products, one being the higher-end and the other a more affordable, lower-end. I like to provide at least two options when it comes to skin care because the ingredients are not always the same, and may affect your skin differently. Both are super simple to use (just ROLL away!) and mess-free. Both will also smooth out and fill lines while providing cooling caffeine, which is known to sooth irritated skin and depress those under-eye balloons. Happy Shopping!

Clinique All About Eyes Serum
De-Puffing Eye Massage

How To Use With gentle pressure, roll under each eye from inner corner to outer corner

Ingredients Caffeine, antioxidents and botanicals. Oil free and ophthamologist-tested. For all skin types

Price $25.50

Where to Purchase any Clinique counter at department stores nationwide, or click here CLINIQUE

Olay Regenerist
Anti-Aging Roller

How to Use Roll underneath your eye from inner corner to outer corner

Ingredients Caffeine, Squalane (the hydrocarbon of a plant) and peptides (known for their wrinkle-smoothing effects)

Price $17.99 and up

Where to Purchase This product is sold at a variety of drugstores and markets, however Target is offering it for the lowest price. Click here to purchase TARGET or hit up your local Target

Makeup Lesson

Last weekend I had a fun appointment for a Makeup Lesson. These on-the-go working moms were looking for basic tips for applying everyday makeup. We started off with skincare, which in my opinion is one of the most important steps in applying makeup. Without the proper skincare for your skin type, makeup will not stay on or look the way it should! If you have any questions on skincare products for your skin type, comment this blog and I’ll get back to you.
We then moved on to the Face (primers, foundations, concealers and powders). Next stop was Cheeks (blush) and Eyes (bases, shadows, liners and eyebrows) followed by Lips (liners, conditioners, lipsticks and glosses.) We did Lashes (mascaras and how to use curlers) last and popped some on Lourie (left below).
Here’s Lourie and Wendy with their fresh new looks 
Contact me if you would like to schedule a Makeup Lesson!

TGIF: Beauty Survey

1) MOOD – My morning started off with a lot of sad feelings. Everyone deals with grief differently, and mine just kind of creeps up on me at a moment’s notice. I’m feeling a little more balanced now, but still…not the greatest.

2) EYELINER- Auto de Bleu Technakohl  by MAC Cosmetics

3) FRAGRANCE- CoCo CaBaNa by Bath & Body Works. Limited item that I had leftover from a few summers ago. This is a yummy concoction of coconut and pineapple and smells sweetly of sunscreen. Nothing’s beats the smell of summer!

4) INSPIRATION- I truly feel a connection to the Virgin Mary and collect all kinds of religious memorabilia. I am currently looking to purchase a statue of her for our balcony. Here’s a photo my boyfriend took of a beautiful statue in a church in New Orleans during his trip.

5) LOVE of the DAY- I just can’t get enough of my little survivor Capuccino. He has been through so much, and continues to fight through his physical ailments with a wag in his tail and and smile on his face. Love my little Mush-Mush!
6) Makeup Crush- Obviously, my current Lush obsession. I’ve spent nearly $100 in 3 different locations in the past month. Don’t judge me. LOL

Products Shown:

GeoPhyzz Bath Bomb: Sea salt, Cypress and Sandalwood, smells like Hawaii
Bathos Bubble Bar: Violet leaf and Jasmine, turns your water sexy purple!
Sandstone Soap: Sand, Gardenia and Lemon, smells like a Brazilian beach
7) OUTFIT-  Well, folks, it’s Cajshy Friday so I have on a blue and white striped “nautical” dress, blue tank top, and gold heels. Because that’s just how I roll.

8) HAIR- I am really digging the French braid trend right now. I just learned how to French-braid (my mom doesn’t know how, therefore, I never learned), and that’s basically all I have been doing for weeks. Pigtails, side pony tail, just-the-bangs, you name it.

If you are like me, and need to learn how to do it, click this link: How To French-Braid Your Hair

9) SONG OF THE DAY- I am not ashamed to say I have been rocking out to Ace of Base lately. Oh how I miss the 90’s! All That She Wants is in constant rotation. Remember the “remix” version at the end of the cd with the Indian twist? Kinda lovin’ it!

10) GOALS FOR THE WEEK- Seeing Hot Tub Time Machine with my man tonight, going to a Tupperware party hosted by a Mexican drag queen tomorrow as well as an 80’s themed bday party that evening, and a possible gig on Sunday. Then preparing my body for the hell the trainer at 24 Hour is going to put it through twice next week! 


(Yep, that’s Kay Sedia!)

LUSH at Universal

Ok, I have finally jumped on the LUSH train. Why did I ever go to Bath and Body Works or Body Shop?! Not only does this company have amazing products, but they use all vegan, organic and animal byproduct-free  ingredients. I think we all sometimes forget how incredibly important it is that we pay attention to what goes on our skin, and how it’s our responsibility to keep products as natural and as cruelty-free as possible. Below are descriptions of each product I purchased after going crazy at the Universal City Walk store in L.A.

Big Blue Bath Bomb (top left): Atlantic sea salt crystals, seaweed,  lavender and lime. Apparently it also turns your water BLUE!

The Comforter Bubble Bar (top middle): Blackcurrant fragrance. This one is big enough to be broken in half for two baths.

Flosty Gritter Bubble Bar (top right): Swirls of glitter,  pink sparkles and fluffy white bubbles. Vanilla with lavender.

Sultana Soap (bottom left): Olibanum and bergamot oils. Topped with dried apricots, dried currants and dried cranberries. I rub this on my loofah and might I say I don’t even need lotion when I get out of the shower!

Alkmaar Soap (bottom right): Jasmine and Honeysuckle, can’t wait to try it!

May Wedding in Santa Barbara

Happy Spring! The weather was beautiful this weekend in Santa Barbara, where I traveled to do fresh-faced Njambi’s wedding. This was the most relaxed wedding party I have ever met. Everyone was on time and in a great mood. I always say that the “mood” of the party trickles down from the bride. So kudos to Njambi for keeping everyone cool as a cucumber 🙂
Here is the Matron of Honor, Rosemary’s eyes.
Junior Bridesmaid
The groom’s mother
The bride’s mother, who was making me laugh and cracking jokes all day.
Here is more of a natural look on wedding guest Lisa’s eyes: