LUSH at Universal

Ok, I have finally jumped on the LUSH train. Why did I ever go to Bath and Body Works or Body Shop?! Not only does this company have amazing products, but they use all vegan, organic and animal byproduct-free  ingredients. I think we all sometimes forget how incredibly important it is that we pay attention to what goes on our skin, and how it’s our responsibility to keep products as natural and as cruelty-free as possible. Below are descriptions of each product I purchased after going crazy at the Universal City Walk store in L.A.

Big Blue Bath Bomb (top left): Atlantic sea salt crystals, seaweed,  lavender and lime. Apparently it also turns your water BLUE!

The Comforter Bubble Bar (top middle): Blackcurrant fragrance. This one is big enough to be broken in half for two baths.

Flosty Gritter Bubble Bar (top right): Swirls of glitter,  pink sparkles and fluffy white bubbles. Vanilla with lavender.

Sultana Soap (bottom left): Olibanum and bergamot oils. Topped with dried apricots, dried currants and dried cranberries. I rub this on my loofah and might I say I don’t even need lotion when I get out of the shower!

Alkmaar Soap (bottom right): Jasmine and Honeysuckle, can’t wait to try it!

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