TGIF: Beauty Survey

1) MOOD – My morning started off with a lot of sad feelings. Everyone deals with grief differently, and mine just kind of creeps up on me at a moment’s notice. I’m feeling a little more balanced now, but still…not the greatest.

2) EYELINER- Auto de Bleu Technakohl  by MAC Cosmetics

3) FRAGRANCE- CoCo CaBaNa by Bath & Body Works. Limited item that I had leftover from a few summers ago. This is a yummy concoction of coconut and pineapple and smells sweetly of sunscreen. Nothing’s beats the smell of summer!

4) INSPIRATION- I truly feel a connection to the Virgin Mary and collect all kinds of religious memorabilia. I am currently looking to purchase a statue of her for our balcony. Here’s a photo my boyfriend took of a beautiful statue in a church in New Orleans during his trip.

5) LOVE of the DAY- I just can’t get enough of my little survivor Capuccino. He has been through so much, and continues to fight through his physical ailments with a wag in his tail and and smile on his face. Love my little Mush-Mush!
6) Makeup Crush- Obviously, my current Lush obsession. I’ve spent nearly $100 in 3 different locations in the past month. Don’t judge me. LOL

Products Shown:

GeoPhyzz Bath Bomb: Sea salt, Cypress and Sandalwood, smells like Hawaii
Bathos Bubble Bar: Violet leaf and Jasmine, turns your water sexy purple!
Sandstone Soap: Sand, Gardenia and Lemon, smells like a Brazilian beach
7) OUTFIT-  Well, folks, it’s Cajshy Friday so I have on a blue and white striped “nautical” dress, blue tank top, and gold heels. Because that’s just how I roll.

8) HAIR- I am really digging the French braid trend right now. I just learned how to French-braid (my mom doesn’t know how, therefore, I never learned), and that’s basically all I have been doing for weeks. Pigtails, side pony tail, just-the-bangs, you name it.

If you are like me, and need to learn how to do it, click this link: How To French-Braid Your Hair

9) SONG OF THE DAY- I am not ashamed to say I have been rocking out to Ace of Base lately. Oh how I miss the 90’s! All That She Wants is in constant rotation. Remember the “remix” version at the end of the cd with the Indian twist? Kinda lovin’ it!

10) GOALS FOR THE WEEK- Seeing Hot Tub Time Machine with my man tonight, going to a Tupperware party hosted by a Mexican drag queen tomorrow as well as an 80’s themed bday party that evening, and a possible gig on Sunday. Then preparing my body for the hell the trainer at 24 Hour is going to put it through twice next week! 


(Yep, that’s Kay Sedia!)

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