New Under-Eye Products

Lately, the most frequently asked question I get is “how do I get rid of these puffy, baggy, wrinkly under-eyes?” While plastic surgery is probably the only answer to that, I can vouch for these two products below to help improve the look of said “puffy, baggy, wrinkly under-eyes.” Both are relatively new products, one being the higher-end and the other a more affordable, lower-end. I like to provide at least two options when it comes to skin care because the ingredients are not always the same, and may affect your skin differently. Both are super simple to use (just ROLL away!) and mess-free. Both will also smooth out and fill lines while providing cooling caffeine, which is known to sooth irritated skin and depress those under-eye balloons. Happy Shopping!

Clinique All About Eyes Serum
De-Puffing Eye Massage

How To Use With gentle pressure, roll under each eye from inner corner to outer corner

Ingredients Caffeine, antioxidents and botanicals. Oil free and ophthamologist-tested. For all skin types

Price $25.50

Where to Purchase any Clinique counter at department stores nationwide, or click here CLINIQUE

Olay Regenerist
Anti-Aging Roller

How to Use Roll underneath your eye from inner corner to outer corner

Ingredients Caffeine, Squalane (the hydrocarbon of a plant) and peptides (known for their wrinkle-smoothing effects)

Price $17.99 and up

Where to Purchase This product is sold at a variety of drugstores and markets, however Target is offering it for the lowest price. Click here to purchase TARGET or hit up your local Target

One thought on “New Under-Eye Products

  1. OOOO Eyeballing the Clinique one… I'm waiting for a "free gift" time, because I have a shopping list totaling $170.00, By golly I'm getting something for free, even if it is a sample lotion and a lipstick I'll never wear!!!

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