Just having some fun with Sis one night and came up with this look. She’s always been my happy little guinea pig, so when i asked if I could do her eyes at midnight last night, she didn’t bat a fake eyelash. I love her eyes, and they are so much fun to do makeup on. After showing our great-grandma this pic, she said that it reminded her “of the gypsies that would knock on our doors in Lebanon selling cheese and milk.” So Gypsy is what I’ll call this. 🙂
*Mask part was done using MAC’s Liquidlast liners, Chromacake and Copper Glitter.

2 thoughts on “Gypsy

  1. Hi there! The theory behind colors that look good with people's skin tones, eyes and hair color is the same as the theory that painters and artists use. Take a look at this COLOR WHEEL is straight across from a color is its "complimentary" shade. For example, your mother's eyes are blue, so anything in the orange family will look good. This doesn't have to mean a fierce mandarine shade all over her eyelid, but think more like corals, pinky golds and reddish browns. (Skip her "Autumn fave" Olive) You can purchase brown-black lashes at Sally's for cheap and top her look off with those 🙂 She will look warm, natural and glam all at the same time! Her dress being silver shouldn't be a problem, since silver is a non-color and it goes with everything. Keep her blush and lips in the same color family as her eyes. Since she is older, you want to stay with MATTE eyeshadows and blush. Anything shimmery will dig into wrinkles and make her look old. :(Suggestions: Melba or Peaches blush from MAC Honey Lust, Embark, Soft Brown, Vanilla eyeshadows from MACYou can create a "complimentary triangle" for coming up with 3-shade looks. For example, you are blonde (yellow orange) and want to use Red Violets on your eyes. The complimentary 3rd point to this triangle would be Blue Green. Think of doing a sweep of lavendar on your lid, with a teal liner on the bottom lid. Hope this helps!

  2. I have a makeup question…So my brother is getting married in August, and my mom wants me to do her makeup for their 2nd reception… I have no idea what eyeshadows to use! Can you help me?Here's the catch… my mom is medium skin tone with dark red hair, and blue eyes. She still believes strongly in the "Seasons" as far as clothing and makeup styling are concerned (she's an Autumn… *roll eyes here*) and she will only wear Autumn shades, like browns, oranges, olives, etc.Her dress for the wedding is silver. I'm stuck. Could you suggest a look for me?

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