Review #1

Hi all!
I want to tell the world about a fabulous affordable handbag website that my coworker Connie found and now we all obsessed with. If you have me on your Facebook page, you already know what I am talking about. BAGHAUS.COM is located out of Whittier, California and has received tons of press in magazines such as O (The Oprah Magazine) and Us Weekly, as well as being featured on NBC’s The Today Show. They sell all kinds of handbags, diaper bags and accessories, from brands everyone has heard of for incredible prices. Shipping is a standard $4.95 and FREE SHIPPING for anything over $50.00. 
This company really listens to their customers and provides feedback and information via social media. They offer all kinds of fun contests on their Twitter and Facebook pages (hello, I won a free wallet in April!) as well as a Youtube channel chock full of advice and goodies, not to mention a great little blog.  Click on the links below to fall in love with BAG HAUS like I did!

Facebook Fan Page



Youtube Channel

I recently purchased this pink Nicole Lee beauty which can be worn two ways:

Did you just die or what?! I get constant compliments on this little treasure. It’s great for someone like myself who is constantly on the go and needs a versatile bag for their crazy life! I could have on baggy sweatpants and a dingy gym shirt on, but as long as I’m carrying this purse, I feel like a winner lol.
I just received another bag from BagHaus that I will be blogging about tomorrow, so stay tuned! Click Here for a sneak peek!

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