Lady C’s Beauty Survey

1) Mood- Super Charged! I’m doing Quick Trim and it’s give me an extra boost of energy… doesn’t help that I had a cup of coffee too. 
2) What’s one lip gloss you find yourself buying over and over again?-  I legit own about 100 lip glosses, and I’m constantly wanting to try new ones, so I never have one that I use all the time. I’ll use one lip gloss a week and then dip into my collection to try another. I die for Chanel’s LÈVRES-SCINTILLANTES though…God they are gorgeous.
3) Something You’d Like to Improve about Yourself? I’m not the most patient person. Everything in my life is a rush. I’m easily annoyed with everything from waiting for a reply to an email I have sent, to driving in rush hour traffic, and really, all this being impatient only makes my life harder to live. I so wish I could be more patient, and enjoy the present instead of always doing things 5 years ahead of time!
4) Guys with Beards-Hot or Not? My man has a baby face, and every once in awhile he grows out a goatee per my request. I love it either way. Just don’t enjoy that 2-day stubble.
5) Eyes/Lips/Cheeks– EYES: MAC’s “Painterly” paint pot, Blacktrack eyeliner. LIPS: Bingo! Plushglass by MAC obvs, CHEEKS: my summer cheeks, Goddess blush (bright orange, limited edition MAC) and Apricot shimmer dust

6) What are You Looking Forward to This Summer? My girl Holly visiting me, going to the LUSH party in Bev Hills with our dogs (yay!), going to San Diego with Dylan and hitting up the beach with my sister, once this ridic weather clears up! Oh and the LAKERS WINNING THE CHAMPIONSHIP! I’d always like to squeeze in a couple of Dodger games. I love summer!

7) What’s One Random Thing You’re Great At Doing? NAILs! I don’t know what it is, but I find it so therapeutic to do my own and others’ nails, and, depending on how gross your feet are, I’ll even do pedicures. I just enjoy the art factor of doing nails and all the pretty colors. *sigh*
8) What’s Your Favorite Eyeliner? HANDS down, MAC’s Fluidline, in any color. If you’re looking for super long wearing, water-proof-to the-point-that-you-could-scuba-dive in, I also recommend MAC’s LiquidLast. I know. I’m a total MAC whore.
9) Outfit: Jeggings, black Gladiator sandals, black sequin tunic, black Wayfarer sunglasses. I rock.
10) Weekly Goals: Get back into the gym and Book more clients for July spots. Get Nancy Grace in SKY magazine. Spend time with my sister and bf. They are my life, ya know.

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