Fimo Cane Nail Art

Ok, I went a little over the top with my nails, but when I saw these little gems at Sally the other day, I just couldn’t help myself! They are by a company called FIMO Cane and are sold in beauty supply stores all over. I couldn’t find them on Sally’s site, so if you are interested in purchasing,  CLICK HERE. The craziest part is that these nail decals are made of CLAY and can be used for decorating not only nails, but cell phone covers, vases, etc. They look like fun little Lisa Frank erasers (throw back to 1990!) I half expect a little dolphin to jump out of a rainbow at me! You can buy them in the “cane” form and slice them up, or just do what I did and buy them in a package that’s already cut up and ready to use. I bought the flower/butterfly package, but I did notice they have a Fruit Slices one as well. I’m on a hunt for other themes (Nautical, anyone?), because I am now obsessed!
I waited until my nail polish was tacky (in between wet and dry) then used tweezers to pick each lil’ guy up and pressed it onto my nail. I coated each nail with clear top coat afterward. It’s only Day 2, and they still look good. Here’s hoping they will last a week! Enjoy…

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