Black & Gold

Hi peeps!
Anyone who knows me well knows that my favorite color combo is black and gold. Imagine my delight when I went on a mad spree at Sephora and found that the Chic Prints I’ve been wanting to try came in BLACK AND GOLD. They are easier to apply than they look. 
1) Rub the sticker-like nail print to warm it up, then peel off
2) Rub your nail with alcohol to remove all natural oils from your finger.
3) Apply Chic Print very carefully, then cut the excess with a scissor. 
* The directions said to file the excess off, but let me just tell you how unsuccessful that was. Like drugs, just don’t do it.
*Today is Day 4 and they are still holding up. The ends got a little frayed but I just smoothed them down. I also found that applying clear top coat to the edges of your nail will keep the Chic Print on longer. Just don’t apply it ALL over the Chic Print.
Why did I only do one nail on each hand, you ask? Well..if I had anywhere to go I would have done all 10 digits. Also, I didn’t want to scare everyone at the office with my metallic geometric fierceness!
Interestingly, as I was writing this blog, a Sam Sparro song came up on my iTunes. It’s called “Black & Gold.” Coincidence? I think not… 

*Go to Youtube for the “real” video…it’s pretty dope!

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