2010 Beauty Pet Peeves

I’m not really in the best mood right now, so this blog is very fitting. These are things that I have observed the past year in trend and beauty that I simply cannot stand. I’d love to know what you think! Hope it makes you laugh 🙂
Open Toe Booties
This shoe is an oxymoron. A boot with the toes cut out, really? Is this where fashion is heading these days? So, I can’t wear it in the winter because my toes will freeze and I can’t wear it in the summer because my feet will sweat. Good job, guys.
Colored Contacts on Brown Eyes
Being of brown eyes myself, I will admit I rocked some green-hazel contacts back in the day (I’m talking middle school. They were my mom’s and I would wear them to school with lots and lots of mascara and liquid liner. I looked like a psychotic cat) Was it a good idea? No. You could see my beautiful poop-brown color poking through every corner of those contacts, and it just looked stupid. It especially concerns me when I see people trying to pull off “violet” eyes. That’s not even a real color. If it’s for Halloween, fine. If it’s for every day, please, stick to clear contacts. Especially if you are of ethnic or Asian descent. You aren’t fooling anyone, we all know God gave you some brown ass eyes LOL Wear them proudly!
Big Girls in Skinny Jeans
Now, I’m not as big as these ladies here, but I AM curvy and I will not wear skinny jeans. You literally have to be a size 2 or below to pull these off. Please, for the love of God, do NOT wear skinny jeans unless you are an Olson twin or less than 100 lbs. Just don’t do it. Period.
The Hand-On-Hip Pose
It isn’t so much that the “hand-on-hip” pose is unattractive, but more that too many girls are doing it these days in photos. It just looks phony, or fake. We get it, you want your arm to look skinny. But trust me, no one cares what your arm looks like. I ESPECIALLY can’t stand when more than one person in a photo is posing this way. How stupid do the Kardashians look with 25 people in their Christmas photo doing the “Hand-on-hip”? Kill me now. I’ve already covered this on my Facebook page, but I thought it was worth bringing up again. My 2011 New Year’s Resolution is to never strike this pose myself again. Time for something new and original!
Web Cam Pics
Two words: NIGHT MARE. It really doesn’t matter who you are, you will always come out looking like a rapist or a serial killer in these web cam photos. In this day and age, where everyone’s cell phones have access to taking pictures and uploading on to your social networking sites, there is just no excuse. The lighting is always terrible and the quality is hidious. Death to the web cam photos!
Pale Girls with Too-Dark Hair
Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood

Here’s an example of actress Evan Rachel Wood (formerly Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend). She is absolutely stunning as a red head, which is closer to her natural color than that aweful charcoal black she is trying to rock in the bottom photo. Dark hair comes with a lot of maintenance if you are naturally lighter. You MUST darken your brows with pencil, gel, etc. You MUST wear a stronger blush, and possibly bronzer. You MUST bring out your eyes with liner (please, no violet contacts, haha!). If any of my pale sisters out there are vying to be gothic brunettes, you CAN do it, but your makeup and wardrobe has to completely change. The worst is when those little Emo girls do it, and have no idea how to fill in their blonde eyebrows or cover their mass of freckles. Oye.

My First Makeup Tutorial

I am excited to present: my first makeup tutorial video! Clearly, my editing skills need work, and I am already saving up for a nice video camcorder with better picture. I recreate one of the many looks Christina Aguilera wore in the motion picture Burlesque.

What started out as a personal Youtube is now a place for me to express my creativity in all things beauty. Please visit my Youtube Channel for tutorials, products reviews and more!

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Winter 2011 Product Review

Happy December!

I am excited to share with you a plethora of beauty products that I recently got on my last (few) trip(s) to Sephora. I’ve recently started branching out and trying different brands. Most of my makeup career, I’ve relied heavily on MAC Cosmetics products, mostly because of my training there for 5 years and also because I get a SWEET discount with them. However, lately, I’ve felt a craving for more… variety. I mean, I can’t call myself a good makeup artist if I mainly use one line of cosmetics! This recent urge has taken me on many trips to Sephora and several beauty counters, as well as poring through Youtube tutorials and online reviews. Every waking moment I have had the last few weeks has been spent educating myself on all the different brands and TRYING everything! I feel like I have a whole new world at my fingertips, but also, like I am doomed because of course all of this is COSTLY up the wazoo. Anyway, below are my new findings and what I thought of them.

Makeup For Ever HD Foundation– $40
 I don’t know where this foundation has been all my life, but I am AS excited about this as I was about NSync in high school. For the first time in my life, I am applying foundation on with my fingers. It glides on smoothly and gives beautiful coverage without feeling heavy. The color dries down true to what it looks like in the bottle, which is hard to find, as most foundations end up drying down darker than they look, or more yellow or pink. It looks gorgeous in photos as well as in person. Long-wearing and even a little sweat-proof. 
FRESH Magic Wands Mini Mascara Duo — $10
I bought these in the checkout line at Sephora. Fresh’s full size mascaras are a bit pricy, so I wanted to try them out before I committed. Supernova (the black one) looked beautiful at first, then slowly weighed my lashes down. It also doesn’t dry fully..it feels like gel even hours after you apply it. Firebird (the blue one) however, is AMAZING. The wand can whip any flimsy lash hair into shape and LIFT your whole lashline. Dried down well and stayed on all day. 
Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Pure Gold — $19
This is part of Tarantino’s limited Gold Collection and is simply divine. The light reflects off the mineralized crystals in this golden dust and just heavenly. I applied some MAC Cream Color Base to my cheekbones and dusted it on with a flat-tipped blush brush. The result? ETHEREAL 
Makeup For Ever Waterproof Eyebrown Corrector– $19
Once again, where on God’s green earth has this been all my life? I have always been very disappointed with the quality of eyebrow-filling products in the market, until this. I’ve tried everything: eyebrow waxes (too greasy), eyebrow liners (to harsh), eyebrow gels (crusty and pointless), and eyeshadow-as-eyebrow-filler (not strong enough). I hate when people’s eyebrows dissappear in photos because of the flash, or just look faded or even worse SHINY because of the product they put in them (mine included!). This silicone-based gel feels more like a cream and is applied with an angle brush. The color STAYS PUT (even through a workout at the gym), stays MATTE and stays SOLID. Washes off with soap and water. One tube will probably last you a lifetime, and no, I’m not joking. The only jest I have is that it only comes in 4 shades. I’m hoping they expand this line because it’s honestly amazing.
Attention Blondies: This product also doubles as a lash darkener when applied with a clean mascara brush! And on graying sideburns and mustaches, so Grandpa and your Dad will be happy campers as well. 
FRESH Prime & Glow Duo– $10
Freshface Primer and Freshface Glow
Once again, I was trying not to break the bank, so I bought the sample-sized version of these two products in the checkout line of Sephora. The Freshface Primer smells amazing (like roses!) and a tiny bit does go a long way. I’m not sure if it’s worth the hefty price though ($36) , since there are so many other primers that are cheaper and can do the job just fine. The Freshface Glow  ($36) is a moisturizer with a red pearl glow. It’s really gorgeous, but reminds me of MAC’s Strobe Cream ($29), which is slightly cheaper. My thoughts? If you got the $$ go for it. If not, there are cheaper options.
Sephora Face Wipes (25)– $8
What…an utter dissappointment. I jumped at the price– 25 wipes for eight bucks!– but gravely regretted it later. First of all, the wipes feel like they are SOAKED in Palm Olive. Secondly, it didn’t remove jack sh*t. After using one wipe, I looked like Heath Ledger’s The Joker. I still had to wash off the remainder of my makeup with my Philosophy Purity cleanser and warm water. I still stand strongly by MAC’s wipes (45 for $18).

I think I have a problem…

A LUSH problem! Their holiday stuff is out. Here’s what I got:
  • Holiday Bath Time Favorites tin, which features 9 baby bath bombs: Butter Ball, Winter Bath, Sex Bomb, Avobath, Honey Bee, Big Blue, Cinders, Li’l Lush Pud, So White. Trust me, it’s a better deal.

  • Candy Cane Bubble Bar (left)
  • Christmas Eve Bubble Bar (purple with the moon)
  • Gingerbread House (cupcake lookin’)
  • *Not pictured: Rub Rub, a tub of ocean-scented body scrub. 

May I suggest Cinders bath bomb and a touch of Gingerbread House? It was honestly the most scrumptious bath I’ve ever taken. Not too sweet and just spicy enough. MMMmmmm I love the holidays!