Crown Brush Set

My sister (and everyone else who has seen my kit) is annoyed that I bought more makeup brushes, because according to them I already have “a thousand.” But everyone knows I can’t resist a good deal! Crown Brush is known for having the highest quality makeup brushes among the pros in the movie industry. I have heard about them for a while now, and after noticing a limited-time sale through a fantastic Youtube makeup artist, Kandee Johnson, I just had to try them. My  “thousand” brushes that I already own are all from MAC. I have to say that these brushes are AS good as MAC’s, if not better. The quality of hair and the handle are about the same. These brushes are a little pricey regularly, but I got my 15 precious babies in this cute clutch with Kandee’s deal for….$29.99!! That’s less than $2.00 a brush!

What I really truly liked about these brushes is the shapes and textures…I had never seen a pencil brush that wasn’t stiff, but super soft and bend-y. Or an angle brush that was so flexible. Or a contour brush so angled. Or… well I could go on for days. Crown Brush does sell the brushes individually for about the same price as MAC’s. I can’t express enough how important it is to have GOOD BRUSHES. If you are willing to invest in any part of your cosmetic routine, it needs to be A) Good Brushes and B) Flawless Foundation.

I wish this deal was still going on, I would have loved to share it with you, but it ended Dec. 31. I’ll try to be more timely next time I see a deal like this with my blogs!

2 thoughts on “Crown Brush Set

  1. Christina, you cracked me up! I really did like Russian Red, and was THIS close to buying it, I think I might go back and get it anyway! Good to know about the Pro store!!! I am so excited to go play. HIS NAME WAS MICHAEL!!! Oh my gosh your description is too funny, I'm still laughing about the molester-oogly-eyes thing. It wasn't a great experience, but it's not enough to keep me away, I've been back twice since then!

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