Black (Armenian) Swan

Hello Beauty Lovers. 
My boyfriend and I watched Black Swan on Friday night and let me just say the movie lived up to all my expectations. The psychological change Natalie Portman’s character goes through is so interesting -and difficult to watch- at the same time. Everyone has been asking me to do a Black Swan, and even though it’s not the prettiest look, seeing the movie convinced me to do it. Chantal and I crack up at how every look I do is the “Armenian version” I guess there is just no way to hide my big ojos and ethnic nose LOL! It’s cool…I wear them proudly. Here’s the movie poster and a pic of me. Below is my tutorial. Don’t forget to subscribe! *wink

Here are some of the MAC products I used to create this look:

White Chromacake (Pro)
Strobe Cream
Velvetella Lip liner
Viva Glam 3 Lipstick
Platinum Pigment (Pro)
Black Paintstick (Pro)
Invisible Set Powder (Pro)

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