Sisley-Paris Product Review

I was given some Sisley Paris products to sample by my lovely mother. I have to credit a lot of what I know about makeup and skincare to my mom. She has always been very good with her makeup. I won’t say how old she is (because she will kill me) but her skin looks radiant! Growing up, Mom always did my makeup for school dances and dance/piano recitals. She gave me the “winged eyeliner” gene, which basically means we can both do liquid winged eyeliner with our hands tied behind our backs, haha. Mom is from Lebanon, so she was exposed to lots of expensive overseas creams and beautiful pricey makeup from Europe that I could never afford. She lets me borrow her stuff and gives me the products she won’t use anymore, which I totally appreciate. I sampled the four (expensive, I’m talkin’ $100 for 3 ounces) Sisley products below and here are my thoughts…

Looks like: Thick ivory cream

Smells like: Soft-spicy
Survey says? This is a great product for someone who wants to lighten their skin (very popular in the Asian culture, not so much in USA). It’s also ideal for someone who has discoloration due to sun spots and wants to fade them out.
Looks Like:A smooth, white cream
Smells like: Very green, woodsy
Survey says? With Juniper and Salvia oil, this is a very strong-smelling cream that moisturized really well. It may not be the best for someone with oily skin or a sensitive nose…like I said, it’s very strong!

Looks like: clear watery gel

Smells like: fresh flowers
Survey says? LOVE this stuff, it was super hydrating. I applied a heavy amount of the gel all over my face and around my eyes. I waited 5 minutes, removed the excess with a tissue, and left the rest on. I woke up with the softest skin ever. And it smells AMAZING

 Looks like: Sheer white serum
Smells like: Intoxicating rose-milk
Survey says? Milk and Sage make this a pleasant serum ideal for any skin. It was so soothing. I would describe it as Chamomile Tea for the skin.

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