Are You Addicted to Makeup?

I came across this Yahoo Shine article and it had some interesting stats regarding women and their dependancy on cosmetics. While I am a makeup artist and beauty fiend, I know what’s logical and what isn’t. I don’t put on makeup to go to the gym. I don’t need it to run errands. But I do have a rule: I will NOT go to work without makeup on. It’s so important to look your best in a professional setting. No matter what your job is: a beauty rep, a doctor, a drive-thru worker, an office personnel, a retail employee. People LOOK at you all day. You are being paid to represent whatever company has hired you and it’s your responsibility to look the part. This isn’t about vanity, it’s about the bottom line. Sallow dark circles and chapped lips aren’t going to get you a promotion, ladies. Below are some stats from the article and my thoughts on them:

The average woman waits about 2.5 months before going makeup-less in front of her partner: Every relationship is different, and I think it’s all about comfort level with this one. I personally waited about a month before unleashed my “bald face” (my word for a makeup-less face) to my boyfriend, but really, there is no right answer with this one.

Six out of 10 women will not go to work without makeup:
Uh, this needs to be 10 out of 10 women. Even if you have good skin, you need some blush and some lip gloss. Something to show you gave a damn!

37% of women think their managers would assume they didn’t take care of themselves:
This goes back to what I was talking about above. My dad told me something when I was in high school that I still refer to; “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” If you want to get that promotion, look like you care!

Nearly 25% believe they would be ignored for a promotion if they didn’t wear makeup:
Now, this I don’t agree with. I have seen bald faced girls get promoted time and time again, and good for them. I think if you are honestly a hard worker and doing a great job, then you will get that promotion regardless of if you wear makeup or not.

I’d love to know your thoughts!

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