Beauty Survey- Lots of Stuff Going On

1) Mood: Hungry and happy. Yes, at the same time.

2) Did you do anything fun over the weekend? My parents were in town, so this basically means I got to eat/live/drink for free99. What could be more fun than that? Now, I’m waiting for my boyfriend to cook me dinner then take me to see “No Strings Attached” at the Paramount Studios theater. Yes, my life is awesome.

3) The new season of Jersey Shore: Love it or leave it? It’s sickening how addicted I am to this show. I am willing to lose sleep just to watch a Tivo’d episode of this deliciously awful show. Oh, the smeared eyeliner and overly frosty eyeshadow with the orange foundation and greasy T-zones…ugh I can’t peel my eyes away from this train wreck!

4) Last beauty related thing you did for yourself? I took a Lush bath using their Honey Lumps bath bomb and their Gingerbread House bubble bar last night….sooo relaxing!

5) Do you do any arts and crafts, like knitting/drawing etc? Aside from doing makeup, I have been sketching, drawing and painting for years. I’m also into nail art. P.S. to my fellow artists: Aaron Brothers is having a Buy 1 Canvas, Get the 2nd One for a Penny sale!

6) Eyes/Lips/Nails/Outfit? My grandma passed away last week, and she was my everything. Since then I’ve kinda let myself go. My nails are chipped and my cuticles dry, I’m wearing Fresh Lip Balm in Plum, with mascara only, in a pathetic jeggings outfit with dirty flip flops. Sorry dudes…this is how I mourn.

7) Have you been sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? For the first time, I didn’t make any. I have a really obsessive personality where I have to organize everything and do things just right or I go nuts. I just thought, this year, why not go with the flow?

8) What makeup do you reach for when you only have 5 minutes to get ready? If I’m running late (more than usual at least) then I will dab on my Makeup Forever HD foundation, MAC Select Coverup, MUF Eyebrow Corrector, a quick squeeze from the eyelash curler and a dab of mascara. Fresh lip balm SPF15 in Plum. I know, that’s still a lot…but the point is I can put it on in five minutes lol.

9) When you aren’t working, how do you like to unwind? Unwinding always includes the dogs. They have such a calming effect over me, and I absolutely adore spending time with them. Nothing beats a night in cuddling on the couch with a puppy in each arm watching a rom-com with a glass (or two) of Pinot Noir.

10) Weekly Goals: Sell my boyfriend’s old furniture (I’m moving in shortly), go engagement ring shopping, start packing to make the move, hit up a Nissan dealership to buy out my leased Murano, work out like a mad woman, do my nails, be there when the new furniture gets shipped. This is a BIG week for me and I’m pretty stoked! Wish me luck 🙂

***Boyfriend’s furniture is on Craigs List and Facebook’s Marketplace, if you guys are interested, let me know***

One thought on “Beauty Survey- Lots of Stuff Going On

  1. Aww, I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma. I'll keep your family in my prayers! PS, Sounds like you and BF are in for some fun times!!! I love ring shopping! I do it, not because I want to get engaged, but just for fun!

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