March Beauty Blog

1. Mood: Energized! Of course…I always get a second wind AFTER work, when I “most” need it.
2. Did you watch the Oscars last night? If you did, what did you think? I did indeed. I was bored. Loved the fashion aspect of it though.
3. Have you ever dated someone you met online? Back when Myspace wasn’t Date Rape Central, yes. But those days are thankfully behind me.
4. Button-down denim skirts, yea or nay? ATROSH
5. Favorite drugstore body lotion? St. Ives Replenishing Mineral Therapy. It smells like the rain forest (not that I would know lol)
6. Your default work outfit? Today it’s a turquoise French Connection dress with gold zippers up the front pleats of the skirt, black leggings and what I call my black “sneaker boots”. They are calf-length high-heeled boots that lace up and look like sneakers. *swoon*
7. A country you’d love to visit? Lebanon. Seeing that my family is from there, I would love to reconnect with our relatives there and see all the beautiful parts where my parents grew up. Oh, and obviously eat ALL the yummy Middle Eastern food!
8. Something you wish you had more time for? Oh gosh…SO much. This blog, my Youtube channel, my dog, volunteering for animal shelters, God, styling my hair, cleaning the house, etc.
9. What are you wearing on your lips today? I can’t read the names on the bottom of these, but they are a limited MAC pink-coral lipstick and gloss in really cool packaging. They are SUPER soft and creamy too. *Dream*

10. Weekly goals: Get my taxes done, figure out what’s going on with my Fidelity investment (kill me now—I hate this stuff!) and make a diaper cake for an upcoming baby shower (I obviously turn every event into an Arts & Crafts project 😉

I did some cool Art Deco nails on myself for fun…Enjoy!

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