Anastasia Pro Wax Kit– Product Review

Hola Senioritas!

I wanted to share my thoughts on a poquito (sp?) little wax kit that was given to me by a friend to try. Anastasia is known for coming up with great tools and products for perfecting your eye brows. The Pro Wax Kit is an unbelievable $12 at Sephora. It’s third of an ounce of wax is easily microwavable and manageable. Surprisingly, this small amount of wax lasts quite a while. Contrary to its name, you don’t have to be a “pro” to use this. While I consider myself a connoisseur at plucking and trimming brows, I have never ventured into the wax arena and was a little nervous. However, the tiny little birchwood sticks the kit came with made it easy to control where the wax went, and how much of it went on my skin. I use one muslin strip each time I have to wax my brows (about once every 3 weeks). You can use them over and over again in one sitting.
I rubbed a little baby oil to the areas I waxed immediately after to help remove any stickyness and soften the skin, then finished off with a creamy moisturizer. Done and done.

DISCLAIMER: when waxing, do not re-wax the same area -your skin will be highly sensitive and may form a rash from being so raw. Again, I am by no means an esthetician, but simply a Middle Eastern girl with facial and body hair expertise.

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