Lady C’s Hair Care Must Haves

This is Part 1 in a four part series! Many of you ask me what  kind of beauty products I use across the board (not just makeup) so let’s start with my hair must-haves.

Side Note: I’ve decided to stop dying my hair, especially since I’ve basically been dying it the color that grows out of my head (pointless.) I want to enjoy my natural color before the grays start kicking in! I’ve got millions of products I receive from people and try, but I’ve decided to stick to the ones mentioned below as I use them almost everyday.

SHAMPOOLush’s Karma Komba Solid Shampoo: This stuff is amaze-balls. A couple of swipes on your hair is all you need to lather up to a bubbly full foam. It smells absolutely divine, and the delicious-ness lasts the whole day. Made with all natural ingredients, I actually bathed my doggy with this the other night, and he smells like the rainforest now. I also noticed he isn’t scratching like he used to, which leads me to believe this has softened his dry, itchy skin.

SHAMPOO Option 2- Head and Shoulders: I have the worst itchy, flaky scalp ever known to mankind, and I simply adore the Dry Scalp Care line. I use this about once a week to keep my dome in check.

CONDITIONERLoreal Eversleek Sulfate-Free Conditioner: I use the “Smooth” collection, and it keeps my hair shiny and bouncy, without extra chemicals. I also use conditioner to shave my legs! I just smooth on a thin, filmy amount all over and WHAT A DIFFERENCE. You get a smoother, closer shave and your legs are softer than a down comforter afterward. I haven’t used shaving cream in years.

MOUSSE- Goldwell Flexi-Whip: This has a flexible hold, so I can still whip my long Armenian hair back and forth without losing style or volume.

SHINE SERUM- Joico Shine Serum: One tiny pump into my fingers and I smooth it over the ends of my hair to lock in the moisture and pump up the shizzine

HAIRSPRAY- Elnett Hairspray by Loreal: I really only use this when I’m curling my hair or pulling it into a high ponytail and need to control the flyaways. But it’s pretty amazing for the price.

HAIR THICKENER- Kerastase Lipo Recharge: Don’t worry. Just because there’s “lipo” in the word doesn’t mean this product is fattening. Back in January, my mom kindly pointed out the fact that the hair around my forehead is thinning due to the fact that I used to bleach my bangs white-blonde years ago (don’t ask). She handed me these cute little bottles. I apply a few drops to the parts that are thinning and there is major improvement. Just be sure to wash your hands afterward (I’m always afraid hair will grow on my fingers if I don’t, haha). If you have hair that is falling out, or thinning due to hormones -or like me, damage- I highly recommend this stuff! Totally worth the price.

ROUND BRUSH- I have a simple, big wooden round brush with boar’s hair bristles for blow-outs. What’s great about this kind of brush is that there is no metal on it, so it doesn’t overheat and damage your hair. The boar’s hair bristles distribute your scalp’s natural oils evenly so you end your blow-drying session with Pantene Pro-V commercial-worthy, shiny-smooth hair.

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