Throwback ’02

I never got to go to Prom in high school, but I did go to my Homecoming dance senior year. I was in student council, had all honors classes and held down a part time job at BCBG MaxAzria, where I got my amazing vintage-style dress for the dance. I actually have this dress and still fit in to it –not sure how that happened! The photo doesn’t do this dress justice. It’s black with multi colored sparkles and a deep plunging neckline-haltertop with a beautiful black broach. I added a black boa and crimped blonde bangs for extra flair. Nothing says 2002 like a feather boa and a crimping iron!


Q: What makeup did you wear?My mom helped with me with my makeup, and I got to use all of her fancy stuff: Chanel liquid eyeliner, Chanel Lip and Eye Liners, Benefit Makeup Sealer “SheLaq”, Dior mascara. I wore some fierce metallic gold lip gloss but I don’t remember what it was. Something pricey, knowing my mom’s collection. I probably had the most expensive face at Homecoming that year.

Q: How did you choose your makeup for the big day? Did you think about the hair and the dress too?
I was always into makeup so I put a lot of thought into this look. I wanted a gold cat eye with gold cheeks and gold lips. Basically, I stole this look from the Oscar statue.

I got my hair styled that day.. I was going through my “experimental phase” when I dyed and bleached my hair all kinds of colors, and Homecoming happened to be during the “brassy blonde bangs” phase. I had short layered hair at the time, and it looked like a crimpy, little bob. I didn’t want the typical up-do that everyone else got. To be honest, it was pretty rad for the time. I just wish I left my poor, fried bangs alone.

Q: Did you have any school dance beauty mishaps?
I have to say I always ended up oily at the dances from sweating it out on the dance floor. I so wish I brought blot film and powder in my tiny clutch from Charlotte Russe. Oh and I’m pretty sure my foundation was too light for me freshman year all the way to graduation. My head looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost in all my photos from 1999-2002.

Q: If you could change your school dance beauty style, what would you have done differently?
Umm… I would have definitely added LASHES! Who the heck goes to a school dance and doesn’t wear falsies? Don’t do it girls…wear some lashes, they will make you look so much better in the photos.

Q: What’s your best tip for someone doing their own makeup for prom?
Wear foundation with a primer underneath. If you are wearing fake eye lashes, have a friend or a mom apply them on you. Don’t do it yourself, it’s too hard. Carry with you: powder, lip gloss, gum and blot film. Skip the “too big for my fingers” acrylic nails — no guy your age actually thinks that looks good. Wear lots of deodorant (haha) and have FUN!

Peter Rabbit Maternity Painting

I can’t express enough how much fun it is to paint mommy bellies! It’s probably my favorite thing to do. Here is Corine, one of my brides from 2009, preggers with her first baby. She is 8.5 months along, and was a total trooper for the 2 hours (total) it took to do all of this. I adore first-time moms. They are always so happy and…glowy! LOL Corine is doing a whole Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit motif for their baby boy Jackson. In honor of this, we did a little Peter Rabbit on her belly, complete with a white picket fence and an apple tree. I did my signature banner with the baby’s name across the bottom. Little Jackson was a curious baby who kept elbowing my hands and brushes as I was painting. It’s one of the coolest things in the world to feel an unborn angel poking around in their mom’s belly! I can’t even describe what a blessing it is. I am always in awe of how life begins and how amazing the woman’s body really is.
SIDE NOTE: In case you are interested in belly painting for your pregnancy, all the products I use are water soluble and completely safe for baby and mom. I use gently pressure and always make sure my moms and babies are comfortable.
I took this after we wiped Corine’s belly art off, of Corine, hubby Alex and baby J. Not bad for an amateur, huh? 

Njambi, Santa Barbara’s Bridal Beauty

Last May, I had the pleasure of doing all the makeup for Njambi and Kevin’s Santa Barbara wedding. Here are some of the professional photos taken from their special day.

Here is the Mrs. touching up in the mirror– this is my favorite photo of her!

Njambi and Kevin with their lovely moms. All makeup used on these ladies was via MAC Cosmetics.
What a fun bunch these girls were! The Brunette Beauties. All of them had amazing skin. It was a makeup artist’s dream.

Here are some shots of the speeches:

A guest shot of Lisa (I did her eyes)

Beauty Blog Survey Poll- For FuN

1. Mood: Well, let’s see: I gave up chocolate for Lent, I’m PMSing, everything is stressful at work, the lease on my car is up and I have to pay California’s DMV a bajillion dollars for registration this month. I am thisclose to having a pity party. Nope, not winning. Plus, my cramps are killer: even my kidneys hurt.
2. Food you’re craving *right now*? Chocolate. Thanks again for reminding me that I can’t have it 😦

3. Favorite eye cream and why? Fresh’s Lotus Eye Gel. It’s SO refreshing and smells delicately beautiful. Too bad it’s $48.00 *sigh

4. Ballet flats – yea or nay? NAYYYY to the max! I am so sick of seeing hipster girls walking on Sunset Blvd. wearing tattered, smelly looking ballet flats. Enough is enough, people. If you are going to wear flats, make sure they are clean or at least in good condition. Even Jesus had better ones back in the day. I’m the daughter of a shoe repair man. I know for a fact that ballet flats can look like new if you bother to fix them. Hit up to treat your dirty, disgusting flats! (I’m serious)

5. Which of your makeup brushes do you use least often? The fan-shaped one. It’s almost completely useless. I’ll remember to use it every once in a while on clients to dust off flecks of fallen eyeshadow, but that’s about it.

6. What’s favorite eyeliner and why? This is like asking me which child is my favorite. Each eye liner has it’s own strengths and things I love about them! LOL My faves are white or cream colored eye kohls (creamy pencils), black waterproof pencils, and gel cream eyeliners. From all brands, drugstore or high end.

7. Would you rather spend your Friday night alone or with others? Not necessarily alone, but I do like to have some down time on Friday nights. Whether it’s seeing a movie with my boyfriend, or cuddling with the pup and watching TV, I just try to keep it simple and laid back.

8. What colors would I see if I looked in your closet? Black, white, grey and LOTS of bright colors.

9. Can you ride a bike while wearing a dress? What…a stupid question.

10. Weekly goals: Try to keep sane and stay away from everything chocolate.

Lady C’s Makeup Must Haves

We are finally at Part 4 in the four-part “Must Haves” series! Here, I’ll be talking about what makeup I use on a daily basis. Below is my “makeup station” at home, complete with my chalkboard gardenia-scented soy candle (I scrawled Japan on it in leu of the disasters that have affected the people there).

Pictured here are my “face” products from L-R:

MAC Fix + Spray
MAC Prep N Prime
MAC Fix Fluid Foundation
Application: I apply the SPF 30 all over and let it sit while I walk my dog outside. It’s important for your SPF to settle into your skin before you put your makeup on, or else everything will look oily. Then, I rub some of Jouer’s Matte creme  (Thanks Jen C!) onto my T-zone: down the bridge of my nose and forehead. Next, I mix one pump of the primer with one pump of my foundation, to create a super matte, long wearing, sheer application that will last all day. I apply all this with my fingers. Next I apply concealer to the whole eye area, lids included.  After everything is applied, I spray the Fix + to set the makeup.
Below are all of my “highlight & contour” products clockwise from the top:
MAC Cheek blush
       MAC Springsheen shimmer blush
   MAC Ladyblush Blush Creme
MAC Lune Creme Highlight
        MAC Mineral Skinfinish Powder
     MAC Refined Golden Bronzer
    Application: I dust the Skinfinish powder all over to set my foundation. It’s not really my favorite powder, but since I have it around, I’ll make it work. Next I contour my face with the bronzer.
I apply the creme blush with my fingers to the apples of my cheeks, then set it with a mix of Cheek and Springsheen, which looks like a lovely pink-coral on my skin. I apply Lune to my highlight areas: cheekbones and brow bones. Lune was a limited product. If you would like to get something similar, try Pearl or Shell Cream Colour Base by MAC.
Pictured below are my various eye/face products:
MAC Eyelash Curler
MAC Select Coverup in NW25
MAC Fluidline in Black Track
Application: I always apply concealer AFTER foundation, and before powder. I fill in my brows with this amazing gel from MUF with an angle brush. I warm up the lash curler in my palms before giving a quick squeeze. I look down into a compact or a swivel mirror and apply my mascara by wiggling up and out. If I have time, I’ll line my eyes with the Fluidline and an angle brush. I will lightly dust the Sparklicity (LOVE) over the areas that I applied Lune, as well as the inner corners of my eyes. A swipe of Fresh’s lip balm with one of my million lip glosses, and I’m ready to leave the house! LOL

Tools: I’m going to save which brushes I use for another blog post, but I’ll share the tools I use on the daily here: A pair of safety scissors to trim my crazy Armenian eyebrows, slanted tweezers to groom absolutely everything on my body, and a palette to squirt various products on. I got mine from a pro store, however you can just get an artist’s palette from Aaron Brothers for around $3 and it will do the trick! 

Eye PrimerUrban Decay Primer Potion in EDEN
Eyeshadows– I don’t wear shadows every day, but when I do… I use MAC. Nobody makes eye shadows and pigments like MAC Cosmetics. Period.

Lady C’s Nail Polish Must Haves

Essie — $8.00 each. Essie is known for their pastels and “softer” colors. I basically lived in the brand’s greige color, “Chinchilly,” all winter long.

OPI — $8.00 each. In my opinion, OPI is the top dog in the nail world. I’ve been rocking their Katy Perry “Shatter” polish for the last month.

China Glaze — $5.00 each. I really love the brights and neons in this line. My personal go-to every summer is “Shocking Pink”

MAC Cosmetics — $14.00 each. These polishes have UV ray protection and staying power. Im always on the lookout for the limited colors! I’m currently wearing “N Colour” and “Rose Topping” from MAC:

Chanel — $25.00 each. “Pearl Drop” is a white frost with greenish-gold iridescence from the Spring 2011 line is to die for. These are at the top of the price range for nail polish, but I still think every girl should have at least one Chanel polish!

Deborah Lippmann —  $16.00 each. “I Know What Boys Like (periwinkle) and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (coral) I am kind of obsessed with “Some Enchanted Evening,” a sparkling pink glitter particle polish, thanks to my friend Kristyn M. She sent me a pic of her nails week and my heart hasn’t stopped palpitating since!