Beauty Blog Survey Poll- For FuN

1. Mood: Well, let’s see: I gave up chocolate for Lent, I’m PMSing, everything is stressful at work, the lease on my car is up and I have to pay California’s DMV a bajillion dollars for registration this month. I am thisclose to having a pity party. Nope, not winning. Plus, my cramps are killer: even my kidneys hurt.
2. Food you’re craving *right now*? Chocolate. Thanks again for reminding me that I can’t have it 😦

3. Favorite eye cream and why? Fresh’s Lotus Eye Gel. It’s SO refreshing and smells delicately beautiful. Too bad it’s $48.00 *sigh

4. Ballet flats – yea or nay? NAYYYY to the max! I am so sick of seeing hipster girls walking on Sunset Blvd. wearing tattered, smelly looking ballet flats. Enough is enough, people. If you are going to wear flats, make sure they are clean or at least in good condition. Even Jesus had better ones back in the day. I’m the daughter of a shoe repair man. I know for a fact that ballet flats can look like new if you bother to fix them. Hit up to treat your dirty, disgusting flats! (I’m serious)

5. Which of your makeup brushes do you use least often? The fan-shaped one. It’s almost completely useless. I’ll remember to use it every once in a while on clients to dust off flecks of fallen eyeshadow, but that’s about it.

6. What’s favorite eyeliner and why? This is like asking me which child is my favorite. Each eye liner has it’s own strengths and things I love about them! LOL My faves are white or cream colored eye kohls (creamy pencils), black waterproof pencils, and gel cream eyeliners. From all brands, drugstore or high end.

7. Would you rather spend your Friday night alone or with others? Not necessarily alone, but I do like to have some down time on Friday nights. Whether it’s seeing a movie with my boyfriend, or cuddling with the pup and watching TV, I just try to keep it simple and laid back.

8. What colors would I see if I looked in your closet? Black, white, grey and LOTS of bright colors.

9. Can you ride a bike while wearing a dress? What…a stupid question.

10. Weekly goals: Try to keep sane and stay away from everything chocolate.

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