Throwback ’02

I never got to go to Prom in high school, but I did go to my Homecoming dance senior year. I was in student council, had all honors classes and held down a part time job at BCBG MaxAzria, where I got my amazing vintage-style dress for the dance. I actually have this dress and still fit in to it –not sure how that happened! The photo doesn’t do this dress justice. It’s black with multi colored sparkles and a deep plunging neckline-haltertop with a beautiful black broach. I added a black boa and crimped blonde bangs for extra flair. Nothing says 2002 like a feather boa and a crimping iron!


Q: What makeup did you wear?My mom helped with me with my makeup, and I got to use all of her fancy stuff: Chanel liquid eyeliner, Chanel Lip and Eye Liners, Benefit Makeup Sealer “SheLaq”, Dior mascara. I wore some fierce metallic gold lip gloss but I don’t remember what it was. Something pricey, knowing my mom’s collection. I probably had the most expensive face at Homecoming that year.

Q: How did you choose your makeup for the big day? Did you think about the hair and the dress too?
I was always into makeup so I put a lot of thought into this look. I wanted a gold cat eye with gold cheeks and gold lips. Basically, I stole this look from the Oscar statue.

I got my hair styled that day.. I was going through my “experimental phase” when I dyed and bleached my hair all kinds of colors, and Homecoming happened to be during the “brassy blonde bangs” phase. I had short layered hair at the time, and it looked like a crimpy, little bob. I didn’t want the typical up-do that everyone else got. To be honest, it was pretty rad for the time. I just wish I left my poor, fried bangs alone.

Q: Did you have any school dance beauty mishaps?
I have to say I always ended up oily at the dances from sweating it out on the dance floor. I so wish I brought blot film and powder in my tiny clutch from Charlotte Russe. Oh and I’m pretty sure my foundation was too light for me freshman year all the way to graduation. My head looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost in all my photos from 1999-2002.

Q: If you could change your school dance beauty style, what would you have done differently?
Umm… I would have definitely added LASHES! Who the heck goes to a school dance and doesn’t wear falsies? Don’t do it girls…wear some lashes, they will make you look so much better in the photos.

Q: What’s your best tip for someone doing their own makeup for prom?
Wear foundation with a primer underneath. If you are wearing fake eye lashes, have a friend or a mom apply them on you. Don’t do it yourself, it’s too hard. Carry with you: powder, lip gloss, gum and blot film. Skip the “too big for my fingers” acrylic nails — no guy your age actually thinks that looks good. Wear lots of deodorant (haha) and have FUN!

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