May Monday Beauty Poll

1. Mood: Do you ever feel like your brain processed too much information in too short of time? I’m totally crashing.

I am notorious for staying up on Sunday nights. I am just not sleepy. So I lay awake in the dark, with my mind racing, thinking of all the things that need to be done and oh! That would be a cool video to do, and oh! That would be a great makeup look and oh! I have to buy groceries this week and oh! The list goes on… I had a very busy weekend with family in town and stressful moments so I’m really just exhausted.
 2. Something you’re coveting at the moment? An airbrush machine and a Clarisonic. I’ve never been a big fan of doing airbrush makeup on brides because that stuff moves so easily. But I’d like to get back into it and have it as an option for my clients. I’ve narrowed down my options to the Temptu or Dinair. Any suggestions? I would like to be able to use products with different brands with the machine, so that will play a big factor in which one I will choose. The Clarisonic is pretty pricey, however they just came out with the Clarisonic Mia, which is a mini version of it for $149 and I’m in love with the lavender one. There is a cheaper option from Olay called the Pro X Cleansing System for just under $30 if anyone is interested! But I’m going to hold out for the Mia.

3. An overrated beauty product? Dior mascaras. Big price, mediocre effect. Don’t waste your money, ladies.

4. An underrated beauty product?
Head & Shoulders shampoos and conditioners. Seriously. They work miracles! People always ask me how I get my hair so shiny, when all I do is use good ol’ H&S. Their eucalyptus formula is addicting…it leaves your head feeling minty fresh.

5. Your best birthday party? My 10th birthday party, hands down. We still lived in West LA in a big beautiful home, and my parents got a moon bounce, magician and a kareoke machine. The entire fourth grade was in attendance, and people talked about it for months. It was the party of the year. Well, at least for us 10 year-olds it was lol. I don’t have a photo from the party on hand, but here’s a photo of me around 10 years old, so you get an idea. Yep, that’s little sis I’m reading to. Apparently she’s not paying attention!

6. Where do you go when you need to clear your head? It always makes me feel better to go to the gym and just run-run-run. Going for a walk around the neighborhood with the pup is pretty therapeutic too.

 7. Your favorite local eatery? Los Angeles has some amazing mom-and-pop, non-chain type of restaurants. Below I’ve listed my recent favorites with links.

Hollywood: Prado
Downtown: Yang Chow
West Side: Fritto Misto

8. Guys in jeans shorts — yea or nay? *Sigh. This is a toughy. Do I want my boyfriend wearing jean shorts? Not necessarily. But do his legs need to breath from time to time? Yes. Not the best option, but I guess I don’t mind them…

9. Favorite post-hangover meal? Back in my early twenties, nothing settled my stomach after a night of tequila shots like a 4am trip to IHOP (Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity!). Nowadays, a Dr. Pepper in the morning with 2 Advil does the trick. DP really is a God-send!

10. Weekly goals: Try not to be so A.D.D., take one day and one task at a time. I need Jesus! I’d also like to take some time out this week to either draw/paint or do a makeup tutorial. But we will see what this weekend brings…

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