Monday Beauty Poll- May 9

1. Mood: Well-rested and content. I got a good 6.5 hours last night (HUGE for Sunday nights, I’m usually up til 4am) and took two giant naps during the weekend. I nap hard, folks. And the pup doesn’t make it any easier to get up from them, since he’s usually cuddling the crap out of me.

2. One great thing about getting older? You get to stay up as late as you want on school/work nights. I still love the fact that no one makes me go to bed when I’m not ready LOL

3. What color do you use most in your eye makeup and why? Peach/corals. I have olive undertones that the peach really works beautifully with. Some of my faves from MAC are-

Coral Cream Colour Base
Soft Brown and Coral eye shadows
Springsheen Blush
Pink Bronze Pigment

4. What’s one thing your mom was right about? She was right about a lot of my so-called friends growing up. I can’t tell you how many times I would introduce her to a new friend, or a boyfriend, and she would instantly know that they were bad for me. At the time, I thought she was being judgemental, but now I look back and realize she was right 99% of the time.

5. What’s your favorite book series? Growing up I was hooked on Sweet Valley Twins and Goosebumps. Now I adore the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris and Chelsea Handler’s bios crack me up. I have 2 autographed by her already, and I’ll be out to buy the third this week. I’ve read every book by Amy Tan, the entire Harry Potter series, and of course the Twilight series (who hasn’t?!) I finish books by the hours. Im a major bookworm. I just finished a book called “Inside Of A Dog” that explains what the world is like from a dog’s point of view, and how their brain works. If you’re a dog lover, this book is for you!

6. Your last sweet treat? A shorter answer would be for what wasn’t my last sweet treat. I gave up chocolate for Lent, and by the time Easter came around, I was salivating at the mouth. I have been knocking back every kind of chocolate every hour of the day like you wouldn’t imagine! I was good today though. I had greek yogurt with strawberries and honey for breakfast. YUM

7. Do you collect anything? I accidentally starting collecting nail polishes. I think I have over 100. It’s sickening. Here are two more I feel the need to buy from Deborah Lippman’s Summer Collection:

8. Seersucker clothing — yea or nay? Not a fan…it’s too casual/frumpy for my taste. 😦

9. Your go-to eye cream? Ok, this stuff is ridiculously price ($298 per bottle!) but I was given a free one and I am in LOVE with 24K OroGold Intensive Eye Treatment Cream !With ingredients like 24 Karat gold flakes, Caffeine, Vitamin K and Green Tea, this stuff really delivers. I wake up every morning with puffy, “allergy eyes” and this stuff instantly lifts and deflates all the bags. I like to apply some after I pluck my eyebrows to reduce the swelling, and it feels like a cool, refreshing swimming pool on my eyes. *sigh* I will be so sad when I run out…

10. Weekly goals: Do one of the makeup looks on my list, do an oil change, save money and stay focused on the Self Magazine diet I’ve been doing (I’ve lost 4 lbs so far!)

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