OroGold Cosmetics Product Review

OroGold Cosmetics is an up and coming Italian line of skin care that will soon be available in most major U.S. cities. I was fortunate enough to be given FREE full size samples to try. Oro means gold in Italian (and Spanish). This amazing skin care lists flakes of 24 Karat Gold in their ingredients! This stuff is decadent. I mean literally…it’s a sin to get to try this on your skin.

Here are all my products, minus the body scrub (it’s in the shower)

My favorite product out of all of them has to be the Eye Cream. Holy smokes does this stuff work miracles! I wrote about it on a previous blog. What makes this product fantastic are the ingredients: Caffeine, Vitamin K, Green Tea, and 24K gold (obviously.) I love using it in the morning or after plucking my eyebrows to sooth my delicate eye area. The Green Tea gives a great scent and calms the skin, while the Caffeine tightens and wakes the skin and the Vitamin K feeds and nourishes.

24 K Gold Intensive Eye Treatment Cream- $298 retail price

I use the Eye Serum after I get out of the shower at night (while the pores are still open) and have washed off my makeup. Just a tiny pump has dozens of little gold flakes that shimmer and shine, leaving your eye area refreshed and glowing.

24K Gold Anti- Aging Eye Serum- $298 retail price

The Body Butter is similar to the Body Shop’s version. It’s a thick, white cream (the gold looks like it’s been jet milled into the product). Not my favorite scent, but I’ll still use it.

24K Body Butter- Devotion- $68

The Day Moisturizer has loads of Vitamin E and C, plus a natural SPF of 10. Personally, I don’t think SPF 10 is enough to protect, so this product wasn’t totally ideal for my everyday routine. Everyone, including those with dark skin, need to wear a minimum SPF of 30. I do however, love the “pearl in the oyster” packaging.

24K Gold Day Moisturizer- $138

The Body Scrub is my second favorite of the bunch. It’s ingredients mix the 24K Gold with a unique herbal extracts. The big “Kosher-size” salt flakes exfoliate and open up the pores to absorb the gold. According to the website, “The 24K Gold penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, speeding up cellular processes and activating regeneration.” I rub my feet down with this, then wrap my feet with towels and make “shoes” with some grocery bags and stomp around the house for about 5-10 minutes. I rinse off the scrub and my toes are twinkling and my feet are soft and buttery.
24K Body Scrub- Devotion- $68

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