Beauty Poll- Sorry, No Time for Photos

1. Mood: Hungry Hippo! Also, I had a lot of caffeine today, so I’m bouncing off the walls. In my heels.

2. What are you wearing? A grey Jessica Simpson dress (it has an attached skirt thing around the hips) with studs on the shoulders. Grey studded platform wedges. Air-dried hair I’ve done absolutely nothing with.

3. What’s one song you absolutely cannot stand? Anything by the Black Eye Peas. I used to be their biggest fan, until I started realizing that radio and television played all of their songs out. I’m ashamed to admit they really did turn into sellouts. I knew when CBS used “I Gotta Feeling” as their Fall TV campaign song, it was time to cut the cord.

4. Are you happy with your height? I’m 5’4″, but rarely show it, as I teeter around Los Angeles in platform heels 24 hours a day. My man is 6’3″ so I would like to be about 5’6.” This way, when I wear heels, we would look perfect. Right now, when we hold hands and walk down the street, it looks like a father leading their little girl to the playground. #bummer

5. Of all the places you’ve been, what are some of your favorites? New York City for the nostalgia and excitement. Mexico for the pristine waters and resorts. San Francisco for the culture. San Diego for the kick back vibe and perfect climate. Hawaii for the amazing smells and scenery. Great. Now I wanna go on vacation.

6. Something that comes easily to you? The Arts. Languages. Music. Creating. Baking. Performing. But ask me to figure out the tip on a restaurant bill and my eyes go crossed.

7. Big, gaudy cocktail rings — yea or nay? LOVE em! The only thing that sucks about them is they take up too much room in my jewelry box.

8. What are the keys to success? I’m not certain yet, as I am still on my own life’s journey. But I’m pretty sure that stubborness has something to do with it.

9. Describe what we’d find on your perfect barbeque lunch plate. I’m not a huge fan of meats on the bone. They gross me out, and since I like all meat well-done (burnt, I know), the meat at every BBQ I’ve been to has been way to pink/bleeding/still alive. I do love the sides though. Barbecued corn is the best, a yummy pasta salad comes in second.
10. Weekly goals: I have a ton of clients this upcoming Memorial Day weekend, so I’m super stoked. I guess I would just like to have a fun, successful weekend full of clients and friends/ family.

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