Greasy Eyelids?

Are you a victim of greasy eyelids? Does your eyeshadow crease into a slump on your eye by noon? I hear you loud and clear, girls.Through extensive research (I tried out a ton of stuff) and trial and error (I walked around with greasy eyelids until I found something that worked), I found a handful of products and techniques that actually work.

Step 1
Take a powder puff or a disposable cotton pad and dip it into a loose powder in your skin tone. Gently press and pat the product onto your eyelids (do NOT open your eyes while doing this, you don’t want the powder to get into your eyeballs).

Step 2
Apply a small amount of one of the products below all over your lid with your middle or ring finger– the less pressure, the better. Make sure you get the brow bone, lid, inner corner, etc.

Lady C-Approved Eye Primers

Urban Decay Primer Potion in EDEN: Urban Decay’s primer comes in 3 varieties: Eden, Original and Sin. Don’t get the latter two- they both are super shimmery and because of their shine, they will immediately crease. Urban’s matte version is called EDEN. It’s a God-send.

MAC Paints: This is MAC’s “old school” eye primer that they have had for years. Paints often stand on the sidelines while people buy the newer formulated “Paint Pots,” but buyers beware: Paint Pots crease like a mofo. The Paints that come in the tubes couldn’t be any more different than the ones that come in the pot. A tiny bit goes a long way, and it dries down to a powder. I basically live off the Bare Canvas and Untitled shades. Like an old, familiar friend, MAC Paints won’t let you down.

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