There are so many varieties of fake eyelashes, so I thought I’d list the brands I use and some that I’m planning to try.

Brands I’ve Tried:

Ardell is a brand easily found in any drug store, grocery store and Sallys. As my friend and fellow artist Ally would say, “not my fave, but doable.” Adell’s lashes range from $4-8 and very often are on sale or have specials at stores like Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens. The other day, I bought two pairs for $7. Not bad! I like that these are “cuttable” and come with a “flimsy” band, so it feels like nothing when you have them on. I only wish they had more variety in styles.

ELF : *Sigh* Eyes Lips Face has disappointed me time and time again. Honestly, they are right down there with Wet N’ Wild. I am not impressed with the variety of falsies or the ability of these to stay on. The glue they supposedly come with came out dry on more than one occasion. I guess that’s what I get for $1 they cost.

Inglot: They have a fantastic variety of lashes, from brightly colored feathers to more glamourous and even daily-look lashes. They cost about $11-18 a pair and are totally reusable. My only gripe is that the strip the lashes come on are quite stiff and feel uncomfortable. I wouldn’t put something like this on a client.

MAC : Comes in lots of varieties, reusable, soft strip so they are comfortable on the eyelids. They cost about $12 a pair, but let’s be honest, Ardell has some of the very same style lashes for half the price.

Brands I Haven’t Tried But Would Like To:

Kiss and Eylure have gotten rave reviews from my makeup artist friends. They both seem to be sold at drug stores and are easy to get. Let me know if anyone has tried them!


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