June Bug Beauty Poll

1. Mood: Full. I just ate at a great place for lunch with my coworker, Melia. Tender Greens is a healthy, California-style-salad-and-fresh-food-place that I adore. I had a bowl of chicken tortilla soup and fingerling potato garlic fries. Yum.

2. Do you ever apply your makeup on the train/bus/boat to work? NO. And I hate seeing women doing their makeup, especially eyeliner, in their cars on the road. It’s so incredibly dangerous– both for her and for everyone else!

3. List three of your best attributes. Loyal, hard-working and stubborn. LOL

4. Do you do bright eyeliner? Heck yea! That’s a huge trend for this summer. It’s all about Makeup For Ever’s Aqua Liners and MAC’s LiquidLast Liners.

5. How do you feel about clogs? I can’t deal with them. They make everyone look geriatric. The worst offenders are the Croc clogs. A lot of people buy them for their kids, and I’m here to say that my future babies will NEVER set foot in a plastic Croc clog.

6. If you could have lunch with any celebrity alive today, whom would it be and why? That’s easy–> Micheal Jackson. I have soooo many questions for him about his music, and his personal life as well. The man was a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. He was a creative genius and so troubled on the inside. What went wrong? Why did he have such low self esteem? What does he think about his mother raising his children in the Jackson compound? How did he come up with the beats to his songs? How did he dance with so much energy? Why couldn’t he beat his addiction? I know I am not the only one to feel this way, but his death just doesn’t sit well with me. I worry about his children, and feel like the world really lost an amazing prodigy. What a waste.

7. Complete this sentence: Have you heard about _____? Shell Gas Stations giving 10 cents off if you use your grocery store rewards card at the pump? Los Angeles Shell Gas stations have a partnership with Ralphs, while Las Vegas Shell Gas stations have a partnership with Smith’s. Each are giving between 10 cents to $1 off PER GALLON, plus double points when you bring in your gas reciepts to the participating grocery stores. If you aren’t pumping your gas from Shell, you are missing out on a GREAT deal!

8. If you were magically given a free day, how would you spend it? The beach! I went last week, and I always forget how wonderful the sand, sun and surf really is. I vowed to myself this summer I will go once every 2 weeks- AT LEAST.

Manhattan Beach, CA

9. What purse are you carrying today? My beige Nila Anthony tote bag from Baghaus.com that I was sent last year. It’s perfect for everyday because there is room for everything and the straps are really supportive. Check under My Favorite Links for their website!

10. Weekly goals: I recently lost 7 pounds! So my goal is to keep being good about what I eat and stay on top of my workouts.

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