June-Gloom Beauty Poll

1. Mood: You know when you wake up one day and you just feel good about everything in your life? Like, you realize it’s not a perfect life, but you’re content with it anyway? #ImThere

2. Have you ever owned a record player? Pops had one. He used to play his disco songs on it when I was really little. I vaguely remember the BeeGees spinning on the 1s and 2s and watching him boogie with his gold chain and chest hair out. And yes, this was during the eighties. Good times, if you ask me.

Me and Popz in the early 90s. He retired the v-neck shirts earlier.

3. Do you plan your makeup looks for the week or wing it? I have a “day look” for each season. I’ll change up the foundation, powder, blush according to the season. I try to keep it pretty basic for the office, then I go buck wild on the weekends with color, fake eyelashes, glitter etc.

Here I am, on a “natural” day with my boyfriend at the Dodger Stadium

4. A lipstick color that makes me you feel spicy? I’m jonesing for MAC’s Crosswires lipstick. It’s a bright POP of coral. Which reminds me, I need to take in my recyclables and snag that baby for free99.


5. Describe your favorite summertime dress.  Maxi dresses all the way! I have a cute gray one from Old Navy that I pair with a yellow neon skinny belt and yellow neon gladiator flats. Fun-ness! I love this color combo…

6. Do you keep a journal? No. I used to when I was younger. A few years ago I went through my old diaries and realized how depressed and angry I was. It was like a scar being ripped open again. I shredded every single page and vowed to never journal again. I only “journaled” when I was going through bad times so to be honest with you, I’d rather not relive them. Maybe I’ll start journaling when I become a mom one day…

No Thanks. (for now)

7. Your favorite makeup brush at the moment? I’m really enjoying the angled blush brush from Crown Brush. The angle on it is perfect for applying bronzer. And it’s still stiff enough to apply the bronzer directly where I need it, without fluffing out all over the place.

Second one from the top

8. Last time you jumped rope? Please. I have asthma. I couldn’t keep up jumping rope as a kid, let alone now.

9. Are you a heavy or a light sleeper? Incredibly HEAVY sleeper. I’ve slept through earthquakes, farts, my little dog howling at the top of his lungs, phones ringing, TV’s blaring, and both of my alarms- every morning. I imagine this happened from being trained as baby to sleep through noise; my parents having loud Armenian relatives over for dinner. I just slept right through the disco-hummus-wine-laden nights.

10. Weekly goals: Keep up on all my phone calls to friends and family. I’m horrible at that. I’m much more a texter/BBMer but I know I need to make more of an effort.

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