Are you ready for my “biggest haul ever”? šŸ˜‰ Here’s all the fun stuff I got from the International Makeup Trade Show that came through town this past weekend.
I got this baby at the NYX booth. It’s originally $200, but at the
IMATS it was only $95! On my makeup jobs, I was dragging around two heavy, fire-proof train cases and a messenger bag. I just did a wedding on Sunday and I can’t tell you how much easier it was to get around with this suit case! I was able to throw everything (including brushes, cleaning supplies, etc) in there and set it up where ever my client needed me. WINNING
I don’t remember which booth I picked up this brush belt one, but it was only $12. MAC’s is $40, and I had noticed that the pleather material had started wearing away and my brushes were littered with little pleathery pieces. This brush belt is made of a more synthetic, stretchy leather and I’m happy to say it did the job.
From L to R: MAC ProLongWear concealers, GLEAM BY MELANIE MILLS shimmer lotion in Rose Gold, CosmoPop and D’Lilac lipsticks from LIME CRIME (in the cute pink bullets), LISE WATIER Apricot Primer (along with samples of the pore minimizer & SPF30), four sets of NYX Lashes. Basically everything here was half off!
I got the cutest Dinair airbrush machine! I purchased the Foundation Deluxe Kit which comes with 4 foundation colors, a tanner, a dewy setter, and 4 shimmer bronzy highlighters for get this: $129. Normally this kit runs on the Dinair site for $199, and even that felt like a steal. I had my boyfriend airbrush the tanner all over my body the second I got home, and I’m happy to report I am two shades darker now. This kit should really come with a slogan: “So easy, your boyfriend can do it!”
Oh, and how cute is the hot pink compressor?!

I forgot to take photos of these cool 24K Gold Collegen face masks that I picked up for my mom from KOLLEGENX. They are originally somewhere in the vicinity of $100 for four masks. I picked up 16 masks for $120. I’ll be doing a review on these soon… stay tuned!
I did good, right? Didn’t spend too much money…

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