A Pretty Doctor

My client Lisa is a dentist in West L.A. and her daily look is pretty toned down for the office. She was looking for a simple -but definitely different- look for the weekends and special events, so we came up with some easy black eyeliner and bold coral-pink lips. Below are the products she has on:
I know what everyone’s thinking: airbrush foundation? How is she going to do it by herself? Here’s a little makeup artist secret: you don’t actually need an airbrush gun to apply the airbrush makeup. Just use your fingers! For these photos, I did use my airbrush machine. However, at home, Lisa can do this with her fingers. Airbrush foundation has alcohol in it, so it dries down fast and stays put all day. The alchohol also kills bacteria and extra oils that gather on your skin, so it will control your shine as well as improve the look of your skin. It’s a sheer, but buildable coverage so you can control how much you want. It’s great for someone like Lisa, who is a dentist and wears masks and goggles all day. No goggle-marks on her nose, thanks to this strong hold foundation! The eyeliner literally looks like a felt-tip pen, so it’s easy to guide on your eyelids. When applying mascara, I had Lisa look down, with her eyes open, as I wiggled the wand up from the base of her lashes to the tips. You can do this on your own while looking down into a swivel or a compact mirror.

Live in the Los Angeles area and need a good dentist? Contact Lisa’s office for an appointment here.

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