July- It’s Hot Out!- Poll

1. Mood: Frozen (is that a mood?) the AC is cranked up way high over here and I can barely type lol.

A still from Madonna’s Frozen video- I figured it was appropriate.

2. Wearing flip-flops to work: yea or nay? Absolutely not. Under any circumstances. Even on Casual Fridays. And let’s face it, we have all be guilty of doing it at least once. I LIVE in flip flops at home, but I don’t love my feet and certainly don’t need to expose each toe at work like it’s the freaking beach.

3. Last outdoor concert you went to? Kanye West back in April 2008 in Las Vegas. He killed it at the Red Rock Casino’s outdoor venue! We all wore shutter shades and were right up at the very front. Lupe Fiasco opened, one of my favorite artists. The weather was perfect, and I was with all my best friends. Thanks again, Gel and Twone for the tickets!

From Left to Right: Antwone, me, Angelica, Nathan and P.E.

4. I’m secretly terrified of… bodily waste. I guess not “secretly,” I make it well known lol. I can’t stand boogers, poop, sweat, farts, burps coming from grown adults. Sickening! Knowing that I am breathing in other people’s filth disgusts me. My worst nightmare is always when I’m on the treadmill at the gym and the person next to me farts. Kill me now.


5. One day, I’d really like to _____.  Buy an acre or two of land out in Santa Barbara for a sanctuary and rescue horses and dogs. I would just let them run around and live out the rest of their lives in peace, away from the evils of the world…

This photo cracked me up!

6. I’d like to sing a duet with ____. Michael Jackson. How jealous was I when he sang “I just can’t stop loving you” with Judith Hill in “This Is It”?! That should have been me, darn it.

“I just can’t stop loving yooouuuuu”

 7. Have you ever tried to hide a tattoo with makeup? Not my own, but clients, yes. Might I say that full coverage concealer and airbrush foundation are the ways to go.

Look Ma, no tears! Yep…that’s me.

8. Things you say/sing to your pet all the time: I make up songs for Capuccino all the time. I guess the “all-time favorite” one is a little medley that goes like this: “Batchig, batchig, batch-eeg, gimme gimme kisses” (Batchig= Armenian for kisses)

He may or may not be a Belly Rub whore

9. Do like the taste of raw cookie batter? Why yes, yes I do. Funny you should say that, I had some delicious Breyer’s Mrs.Fields cookie dough ice cream last night.

10. Weekly goals: Buy a car (stressful!), create a video for my boyfriend’s work, and take care of my sicky-poo sister.

I’m looking for a used Rav4, preferably red. Sport or Limited. Leather seats and a sunroof are musts. Wish me luck!

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