Rave Makeup

With all this EDC and Nocturnal Wonderland talk, it got me reminiscing about the good ol’ high school days when I would go to raves and dance all night long. A few years ago, I attended a few raves here in L.A. to watch over some of my younger cousins, and let’s just say, I really can’t hang anymore. I was yawning by 2:00am while the music thumped and thumped, and people (clearly under the influence) kept asking me for “light shows” (I was littered in glow sticks). The worst part about raves is that the bathrooms are sickening. I had to hold my pee for fear of using the port-o-potties. I should just rock Depends next time. Anywho, I’m getting off track…
With raves making somewhat of a comeback these days, it made me miss the fun I used to have with my makeup. So here’s a look you can all try at your next rave/concert/show.

Products Used to create this look: 
Makeup For Ever’s Lavender Camoflouge Cream, with MAC‘s Beautiful Iris shadow on top for the mask
MAC Glitter, including Reflects Red all over
Eyes: Pale green MAC Shadestick, Bitter and Aquadisiac Eyeshadows with Electric Eel and Plumage
MAC #35 Lashes (Pro only I think)
Lips: MAC Eye Kohl in Ola Viola with Lime Crime’s D’Lilac lipstick, MAC Kitchmas pigment in the center
Braided Headband: it’s actually just my hair! I braided it from one side, brought it over my forehead and pinned it on the other side of my head. Super easy!

Lime Crime Lipstick- D’Lilac

I have to say my favorite “up and comer” makeup line right now is Lime Crime. I had a chance to meet the creator, Doe Deere, at the IMATS and she is so stinking cute. She looks like a real-life fairy, and her makeup line reflects her style.
I purchased these two lipsticks below at the trade show, and through Lime Crime’s 35% Facebook Flash Sale last Friday, I purchased a bunch more. What’s great about Doe’s line is that because she is an animal lover like myself, none of her products are tested on animals, are PETA-certified cruelty-free and all of her lipsticks are VEGAN! Everything is moderately priced (same price range as MAC, Urban Decay or Makeup For Ever). Let’s not even talk about the adorable-ness of the packaging! Light purple? Yes please. Unicorns? Of course.
Pictured here are CosmoPop (a buttery, soft coral) and D’Lilac (a sweet lavender shade)
The other night I got a chance to play around with the D’Lilac shade. SO pretty!
I so wish I could wear this every day.

KollegenX Face Mask

I picked up this awesome 24K Gold Collegen Mask at the International Makeup Trade Show last month from KollegenX’s booth. They come four in a pack. Click HERE to find out which salon near you carries their brand.
I don’t look as glamorous as the girl in their ad, but I still felt like a rock star.
The mask is a silicone, rubbery texture covered in liquid. The liquid consists of Collegen and 24K Gold to boost your skin’s cell renewal process as well as reducing wrinkles and puffyness. I laid down while wearing the mask to keep it from falling (my face is pretty small, apparently, because the mask was sliding all over the place and the holes were way too big). 20 minutes later, I threw away the mask and gently rubbed the remaining liquid into my skin. It dried in about 10 minutes total and man, did my skin look radiant and even-toned! Love this stuff…I’m so glad they were at the IMATS!

A Pretty Doctor

My client Lisa is a dentist in West L.A. and her daily look is pretty toned down for the office. She was looking for a simple -but definitely different- look for the weekends and special events, so we came up with some easy black eyeliner and bold coral-pink lips. Below are the products she has on:
I know what everyone’s thinking: airbrush foundation? How is she going to do it by herself? Here’s a little makeup artist secret: you don’t actually need an airbrush gun to apply the airbrush makeup. Just use your fingers! For these photos, I did use my airbrush machine. However, at home, Lisa can do this with her fingers. Airbrush foundation has alcohol in it, so it dries down fast and stays put all day. The alchohol also kills bacteria and extra oils that gather on your skin, so it will control your shine as well as improve the look of your skin. It’s a sheer, but buildable coverage so you can control how much you want. It’s great for someone like Lisa, who is a dentist and wears masks and goggles all day. No goggle-marks on her nose, thanks to this strong hold foundation! The eyeliner literally looks like a felt-tip pen, so it’s easy to guide on your eyelids. When applying mascara, I had Lisa look down, with her eyes open, as I wiggled the wand up from the base of her lashes to the tips. You can do this on your own while looking down into a swivel or a compact mirror.

Live in the Los Angeles area and need a good dentist? Contact Lisa’s office for an appointment here.