Mid-August Poll

1. Mood: Bored. Restless. Annoyed that I’ve been trying to upload videos on Youtube and for some reason every upload keeps crashing.

Hate you, mean it!

2. What’s your least favorite vegetable? Boiled carrots. Such a bitter, squishy taste! I like raw baby carrots just fine, though.


3. When was the last time you took a midday nap? Sunday, while trying to upload my videos on my sister’s MAC at her house. They took so darn long, I fell asleep!


4. Do you ever/still rock scrunchies? No. My hair is too thick for scrunchies. Even as a kid, my mom had to first tie my hair with a ponytail holder, THEN put the scrunchie in for “decor.” And even then, the scrunchie would be sagging at the end of the pony by noon.

Worst invention ever

5. What’s the best piece of relationship advice you ever received? “Always make an effort to look good for your man. Don’t just give up and walk around with dirty hair, no makeup and chipped nails, even when you’re an old lady.” Salpi, Age 50. Well said, Mom, well said. Especially since she’s basically the only person I know whose marriage has lasted 28 years (and strong).

Hi mama!

6. I love it… That literally every home on my street has at least one dog. We get to meet all kinds of furry friends and their owners on our walks.  Dogs are total conversation starters! Capuccino even knows exactly which pup lives where and goes up to each gate/window to bark and say hello. It’s too stinkin’ cute.


7. Sleeveless denim vests: yea or nay? Not unless you’re a member of NSync and it’s 1998.

My eyes still hurt from this

8. Have you ever given yourself highlights at home? Nope. I always leave that to the experts! And I suggest you do too.


9. What would you do if a first date asked you to split the check? Luckily I won’t ever have to worry about first dates again. Ladies, if this ever happens to you, I suggest you pay your half, and never go out with the guy again.

You can do better!

10. Weekly goals: Meet with a wedding coordinator to discuss the budget, drop the pup off at my sister’s and pack for Mammoth!

Not my dog, wish he was.

Happy August 10!

1. Mood: Overwhelmed. I have a terrible headache and my chest feels tight. I’m drowning in wedding planning and I totally hate it. No wonder people elope!

2. Favorite Summer hairstyle? I’ve been doing a french braid on one side of my head and bringing it around to the other side, then doing one long braid. It looks cute messy and stays put all day.

3. How often do you exfoliate? Daily. But I use different levels of exfoliants. I switch between a gentle one like St. Ives Apricot Scrub to deeper-clean ones Lush’s Dark Angels and Fresh’s Sugar Face Polish .

4. Do you enjoy cleaning? Oh yes. Especially if I have a lot on my mind.

I literally clean the entire house with these Swiffer dry cloths. They work wonders, especially if you have a ton of dust and allergens in your home!

5. One of your weird quirks? Well, according to my fiance, he thinks it’s quirky that I scramble eggs in the frying pan, as opposed to scrambling them before in a cup, then pouring them in. lol

I mean…they still taste great.

6. One of your oldest pieces of jewelry? Probably my grandma’s Cartier bracelet and matching ring. She gave them to me as a graduation present when I completed college. I’d say they are about 25 years old, at least. I don’t have a photo of them,  but trust me…they are amaze-balls!

7. Are you a card shark? No. But I am a drinking game-shark. Ha!

Beer pong, anyone?

8. Would you ever get a tattoo of your pet? This one’s a toughie. I’ve already considered getting Cappy’s portrait, name or paws tattooed on me. The only thing is, I’ve had many pets growing up and they all meant something to me. And I am sure I will have lots more in the future. So do I get tattoos of everyone’s paws on me? I have to say though, that I share a very special connection to my current bundle of fur, and perhaps will get a tattoo should the day that he leaves us for Heaven ever arrive (ugh, I can’t even think about that!)

My little angel… how I adore him!
9. Eyes/lips/cheeks? Eyes: Tarina Tarantino’s Gold Sparkalicity powder with Lime Crime’s Eyeshadow Helper underneath. Lips: Fresh’s Sugar balm in their new color, Honey, with Chanel’s Scintillantes Gloss in #118 (a gorgeous pinky gold). Cheeks: Desirious blush by MAC with a tinge of the Gold Sparkalicity on top. I’m literally glowing from eyebrow to lip. 

10. Weekly goals: Try to keep a calm head when it comes to wedding planning. Instead of racking my brain, I need to give my worries to God and let the solution come to me when His will allows it. I want to give 100% to my job as well as keep up on my blog and Youtube Channel, which I neglected this past week. 

Please. Like that’s gonna happen…

Aqua Sun Tan- Product Review

I received this product in an Emmy party bag a couple of years ago, and totally forgot to use it until last week. Aqua Sun Tan is basically a do-it-yourself airbrush tanning system. The Aqua Sun System costs $50 and includes a can of their sunless tanning mist, the barrier cream (to rub on your elbows, knees and in between your fingers and toes), the patented application wand that attaches to the sunless tanner can, eye goggles, a shower cap, and scrub gloves. 

The Process:

1) Scrub your body down pre-tan in the shower with the gloves on, using any shower gel/body scrub your own. Make sure you shave as well.

2) After you have toweled off and are dry, wear either a bathing suit, or like me, a tube top and boy shorts.

3) Apply the barrier cream between your toes, fingers, on your actual finger and toe nails, and a little on the elbows and knees.

4) Put the shower cap on, covering your hair, but exposing your ears and forehead. Wear the eye goggles.

5) Go outdoors (a backyard will work) to avoid spraying and breathing it in.

6) Attach the wand to the spray can (super easy) and spray away. The wand is bendable and allows you to get the hard-to-reach areas like your back and shins!

The Result:

The color will slowly appear over a few hours. I took a shower about eight hours after I applied this stuff, and I have to say, the color was SUPER even and gave me a great glow.

Survey Says: THUMBS UP! And refills of the cans are only $18. Way more efficient then slathering on bad smelling tanning lotions.