Aqua Sun Tan- Product Review

I received this product in an Emmy party bag a couple of years ago, and totally forgot to use it until last week. Aqua Sun Tan is basically a do-it-yourself airbrush tanning system. The Aqua Sun System costs $50 and includes a can of their sunless tanning mist, the barrier cream (to rub on your elbows, knees and in between your fingers and toes), the patented application wand that attaches to the sunless tanner can, eye goggles, a shower cap, and scrub gloves. 

The Process:

1) Scrub your body down pre-tan in the shower with the gloves on, using any shower gel/body scrub your own. Make sure you shave as well.

2) After you have toweled off and are dry, wear either a bathing suit, or like me, a tube top and boy shorts.

3) Apply the barrier cream between your toes, fingers, on your actual finger and toe nails, and a little on the elbows and knees.

4) Put the shower cap on, covering your hair, but exposing your ears and forehead. Wear the eye goggles.

5) Go outdoors (a backyard will work) to avoid spraying and breathing it in.

6) Attach the wand to the spray can (super easy) and spray away. The wand is bendable and allows you to get the hard-to-reach areas like your back and shins!

The Result:

The color will slowly appear over a few hours. I took a shower about eight hours after I applied this stuff, and I have to say, the color was SUPER even and gave me a great glow.

Survey Says: THUMBS UP! And refills of the cans are only $18. Way more efficient then slathering on bad smelling tanning lotions.

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