Lime Crime’s My Beautiful Rocket

Orange lip color is so overlooked. I’m not talking about coral or peach, which is what most people lean towards. I’m talking about true, tangy happy-go-lucky orange. Even I am guilty of it. For the mounds of makeup I have littering two thirds of my house, purse and car, I had zero orange lipsticks. What the heck was I thinking? Was I too distracted by the classic reds, hot pinks and nudes that I completely forgot the rainbow had an orange splash in it? Woopsie. Lucky for me, Lime Crime had a discount special for their Facebook followers and I snatched up their My Beautiful Rocket shade of lipstick. It’s described on the site as True, luminous orange without red undertones. Now, before you say “Well, Christine, you’re a makeup artist and do colorful crazy looks all the time. I’m an everyday gal with an office job, how am I supposed to rock orange lipstick without looking out of place?” let me show you how to wear it in a “normal” way.

Here, I forgoed lip liner and used gold, dark brown and coral shadows to accentuate the look. I even skipped eyeliner. The gold shadow is a frost, but I kept the dark brown and coral matte. Add a touch of matte peach blush and voila! A sweet and simple look with a slice of orange to brighten up your day.

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