My Love for Teal

I may –or may not– have an obsession with the color teal. The calming blue tones with the cheery green mixed in just lights me up. Makeup-wise, teals (or blue-greens) look beautiful on literally every skin tone. I have a whole palette of eyeshadows dedicated only to my first love, teal, and let’s not even talk about my teal nail polish collection. So last night, when I opened the ever-growing nail polish drawer to select a color to paint my nails, I just couldn’t decide which darn teal polish to choose. Then I remembered the popular trend we saw on the runways this summer and also for fall– hello, ombre!

I picked five shades of teal and came up with this look below.

Thumb: Get in Lime! by OPI
Pointy Finger: Mermaid’s Tears by OPI
Middle Finger: Ocean Love Potion by OPI for Sephora
Ring Finger: Turned Up Turquise by China Glaze
Pinky: Alpine Gree (Without the N) by L.A. Girl Matte Finish
The little green flower gem is from Sally’s Beauty Supply. 

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