Vanity Girl’s Table Top Mirror

Holy smokes…this is a makeup artist’s wet dream! Since many of my clients come to my home studio, I’ve been on the hunt for a lighted table-top vanity mirror. I’d heard about Vanity Girl but now that I’ve done some online research, I’m pretty much chomping at the bit for this amaze-balls mirror. My fingers are literally shaking with excitement at the thought of having this mirror in my home, standing in front of it and dimming/raising the lights while doing a future bride’s trial run. After moving in with my fiance, I haven’t really had the time to paint the walls and redecorate the room my studio is in. This mirror is inspiring me in so many ways, I could barely sleep last night just thinking about it! I know…what a nerd. But seriously…As soon as the wedding planning is over I am going to whip up something amazing with this mirror and that room! The question is…can I wait that long?

Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror, $399

How cute is this bedroom look with the mirror?!

Cobwebs and Glitter

Is anyone really surprised that did this look? A) I love Halloween and B) I am obsessed with glitter on everything so I thought, why not do both on my digits? Now, anytime I look down at my hands I smile with Halloween glee (whatever that looks like). The cobweb was done with a long, skinny nail art striping brush using silver, and highlighting with white. This particular glitter is my favorite in my collection, with chunky pieces of gold, blue and hot pink glitter (my heart beats for thee!) I wanted to do the glitter on the rest of the nails but I figured this would be quicker to remove. Nothing’s worse than sitting there for an hour with your poor fingers drenched in remover and cotton ball-hairs stuck on every piece of glitter!


Milani’s Black Magic
OPI’s Sparkle-icious (from the Burlesque line)
Sephora by OPI in Social Climber
Inglot‘s Nail Art Enamel in # 29 

October Survey

1. Mood: Inspired. I’m been plotting mine and Dylan’s Halloween looks as well as my Halloween tutorials and I’m SO excited to see how everything comes out!

2. A children’s book that brings back fond memories for you? Adventures with Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm. Does anyone remember this precious series? I learned how to read on them. Love!

3. If your life were fictionalized and made into a movie, what genre would it be? It would be a dark comedy. I constantly laugh all day long, and like most people, I’ve been through many tragedies that have helped shape me to who I am today.

4. Are you saving up to buy anything? Ugh when am I not saving up to buy something? I’m currently saving up to “buy” us our next vendor for the wedding, haha.



5. Where was your first kiss? Spin the bottle at a party in 5th grade. What…a scandal.

 6. A book you started reading but never finished? The Catcher in the Rye. Bo-ring Zzzzzzzzz

7. Do you have a good luck charm? Does Cappy count?

Cappy sun bathing in our backyard

8. Your favorite place to grab cheap eats? Fresh & Easy has great to-go salads for like $6 each.

Fresh & Easy’s Chinese Chicken Salad
 9. Which celebrities or other famous people have you seen in real life? Too many to count. I work in entertainment and live in Hollywood, so I’m always around the famous (and the Z listers, lol) I did almost lose my shizz when I saw Michael Jackson walk past the restaurant I worked at on the Las Vegas strip about 8 years ago!

The Sunset Strip
 10. Weekly goals: Research Florists and Coordinators, tape my next Halloween tutorial and hopefully post it on Youtube, hit up Costco and make it to church and LACMA with D on Sunday.

Brazilian Waxes Feel Better than this Brazilian Peel

Advanced Home Actives Brazilian Peel: $78 — This product touts itself as “An at-home, professional-strength peel with four once-a-week applications” and they weren’t kidding. The second the peel touched my skin my eyes started burning. It was worse than cutting into a room temperature onion. My skin felt tingly, and not in a good way. I lasted maybe two minutes before splashing cold water all over my face. I don’t have sensitive skin, but for some reason, this peel was way too strong, and didn’t do squat for my skin. It looked exactly the same as before, with the exception of feeling a little burnt and sore. For the steep price, I’d rather just cut into a juicy onion and rub it into my skin for torture. Never again.

I’m giving this product an O for Ouch.

Dia de Los Muertos

Boo! Here’s my Day of the Dead look for my Halloween series. I wanted to do a feminine take on the traditional Dia de los Muertos mask, so I added glitter and made the eye sockets turquoise. It’s different than the one I did last year. Click here to take a look. This look was so much fun to wear, I actually waited a few hours to take it off! Below is my tutorial on how to create this look for yourselves. Enjoy!
Here’s the photo I got the inspiration from

White Chromacake
French Violet paintstick
Invisible set powder
Hyper Real FX white powder
Blacktrack Fluidline
Jade Fluidline
Plumage eye shadow
Fuschia glitter
Teal pigment
Teal glitter
Eyeliner Mixing Medium
*All the products above are Pro-only. Plumage eye shadow and the Fluidline eye liners are sold at every MAC.

Runway-Inspired Ombre Nails

Ombre nails are all the rage right now (see my previous blog). I was inspired by this model’s nails from Jen Kao’s Spring 2012 runway show for my next nail look…

…and a Refinery29 article sent to me by the lovely Electra (Electric Eel) Earl…
Sephora Collection’s Chic and Rebel (black) and Curacao (bright turquoise). Buy them here for $4 each!
Start off with clean, dry nails. Sweep a thick, heavy amount of the black polish on the bottom half of your nail. Then immediately following, swipe a thick, heavy amount of the turquoise on the top half. Quickly swirl the two colors together before they dry using the end of a toothpick, nail brush or dotter.
The only tricky thing here is that it takes a bit longer to dry since you are drenching your nails in thick layers of polish. I stood in front of our fan for about five minutes letting my digits dry, then topped everything off with a fast-drying top coat. Ta-da!

Don’t mind my tattered cuticles 😦