Runway-Inspired Ombre Nails

Ombre nails are all the rage right now (see my previous blog). I was inspired by this model’s nails from Jen Kao’s Spring 2012 runway show for my next nail look…

…and a Refinery29 article sent to me by the lovely Electra (Electric Eel) Earl…
Sephora Collection’s Chic and Rebel (black) and Curacao (bright turquoise). Buy them here for $4 each!
Start off with clean, dry nails. Sweep a thick, heavy amount of the black polish on the bottom half of your nail. Then immediately following, swipe a thick, heavy amount of the turquoise on the top half. Quickly swirl the two colors together before they dry using the end of a toothpick, nail brush or dotter.
The only tricky thing here is that it takes a bit longer to dry since you are drenching your nails in thick layers of polish. I stood in front of our fan for about five minutes letting my digits dry, then topped everything off with a fast-drying top coat. Ta-da!

Don’t mind my tattered cuticles 😦

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