Holy smokes…this is a makeup artist’s wet dream! Since many of my clients come to my home studio, I’ve been on the hunt for a lighted table-top vanity mirror. I’d heard about Vanity Girl but now that I’ve done some online research, I’m pretty much chomping at the bit for this amaze-balls mirror. My fingers are literally shaking with excitement at the thought of having this mirror in my home, standing in front of it and dimming/raising the lights while doing a future bride’s trial run. After moving in with my fiance, I haven’t really had the time to paint the walls and redecorate the room my studio is in. This mirror is inspiring me in so many ways, I could barely sleep last night just thinking about it! I know…what a nerd. But seriously…As soon as the wedding planning is over I am going to whip up something amazing with this mirror and that room! The question is…can I wait that long?

Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror, $399

How cute is this bedroom look with the mirror?!