November Plaid

Happy Thanksgiving Week! I found this cute design on Cute Polish‘s Youtube page and gave it a whirl. I was inspired by the leaves turning colors this month and was looking for a “fall nails” look to do, and this was perfect. It was a little harder to do than some of my other nail art designs but well worth it. My cuticles are a little sloppy here, but the nails looked SO cool in person! I got compliments everywhere I went. I think the secret to them looking so cool was the base color I chose. I went with OPI’s 18K Ginza Gold, which is a buttery marigold with tiny silver flecks. It’s like an orange pumpkin that’s turned yellow from the sun. *Sigh* I love fall….
Kiss Nail Artist Paint in White, Black and Gold Glitter
OPI’s “18K Ginza Gold” as a base

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