Merry Christmas everyone! I’ve been wanting to try the reverse half-moon design in red a la Dita Von Teese, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to throw in a little Christmas tree-green glitter in the mix. 

OPI‘s Pretty & Privileged — A cheery, pearled red from OPI’s 90210 collection.
Forever 21‘s Green Glitter— I know: who knew Forever 21 had nail polish? I spotted this little gem while in the checkout line and snagged her (yes, it’s a her) last minute. I think it was like $2. Score
Reinforcement stickers from Staples– Yup. 
1) Paint the bottom half of your nails with the green glitter. I did 2 coats so it would show up better. 
2) After it has completely dried, cover the bottom half of your nails with the reinforcement stickers.
3) Paint the part of your nails above the reinforcement stickers red. 
4) After all has dried, carefully peel off the stickers and apply top coat. Voila!