New Year, New Reverse-French Nails.

Hello my 2012-ers! Hope you all had a good start to the brand-spankin’ new year. I love even-numbered years. Especially this one, since it’s super easy to say: “twenty-twelve.” It starts with a two, it ends with a two. Okay, I’ll stop. 
In honor of the new year, I designed this nail look. It’s a reverse-French manicure with what I fondly call “tuxedo button” dots. I used a black nail polish and a silver nail polish for this particular look, but feel free to change the colors if you like on yourself. 
“Great, I’m being used as a prop”

“I think they get it, mom.”
Reinforcement Stickers: these are super cheap and can be found at any office supply store.
Nail Dotting Tool: you can pick one of these babies up at Sally Beauty Supply for under $5. You can also opt to use the end of a bobby pin, although it will give you bigger dots. 
Click below to watch the tutorial

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