Tips on How to Rock Red Lipstick

Red lips is a trademark of the pin-up style of the 40’s and 50’s. You had to be living under a rock not to notice the resurgence of the “vintage pin-up” red lip in the past 10 years. With trends come the responsibility of learning to wear them correctly. In the video below, I give you easy to follow steps on how to apply rockin’ red lipstick. 
I also give you a few No-No’s:
1) Overdrawing Your Lips- There’s nothing wrong with overdrawing your lips, if you are using a light or nude color. Try to avoid overdrawing when giving yourself a bright red pout because it will just feather and smear.
2) Frosty, Shimmery  Lipstick– Again, nothing wrong with this if you are going for a light or nude lip, but it will cause smears and feathering if you use a frosty red.
3) Concealer Around The Mouth – I don’t get it. Tons of Youtube and other artists alike practice this look, but what they don’t show you is what it looks like  45 minutes after application. Concealer caked into the lines around your mouth is not a good look.
4) Red Gloss- NEVER a good idea. If you’re going to rock red lips, do everyone a favor  and keep the lip MATTE.
MAC Studio Fix Powder
MAC Cherry Lip Liner
NYX Hot Red Lip Liner
MAC Wild About You Lipstick

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