Wedding Bling

No, I’m not talking about rings…I’m talking about Motown-level glittery sequins dripping from every finger on a bride’s wedding day. This look is not for the average bride. 
In my own quest to find fun bridal nail art, all I could find was that tired french manicure. Pinterest, Google and Youtube all left me uninspired. For my big day, I wanted to incorporate white and big, piecy silver glitter in some creative form. I was hell bent on the nails solely being white and silver. This idea came to me, as most my ideas do, at night laying awake in bed. I really loved the way it came out. 
I blocked off the bottom half-moon part of my nails with reinforcement stickers and painted the rest of the area China Glaze’s White On White. Then I mixed a clear top coat with MAC’s 3D Silver glitter for the crescent. The only thing I’ll do different next time is use an actual silver glitter polish instead of the cosmetic-grade glitter, because the texture is a little rough to touch and left empty spots.

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