Grammys 2012: Makeup Review

Judging from my Twitter and Facebook feeds and every beauty blog from here to the moon, Adele wins best makeup at the Grammys by a landslide. The flawlessly matte foundation, the slight contouring, the perfect red lips and nude eye with lots of lashes and bold black liner! ❤
Carrie Underwood
Carrie’s makeup is always on point. Although this is a pretty typical “Carrie” makeup, I think it’s a great look for her. She even added some gold glitter on the lids (you can’t really tell in this photo). Those lashes are pretty bold for her too. Way to go, stepping out of your comfort zone, girl!
Yes, I know Fergie looks a little rough sometimes, but I really liked her choice of tangerine eye shadow and peach lips. It compliments her eyes and skin tone. Gorgeous!

Jessie J
Why this pretty girl insists on covering her face with harsh bangs is beyond me. Underneath that curtain of black, you can see that she has beautiful milky skin, perfect nude lips and a plummy-purple smoky eye with flatters her blue peepers. 

Katy Perry
I love Katy for bringing colorful hair to the red carpets. She is so stunning and truly rocks the crap out of this on-trend blue hair that was seen on every runway for spring. She complimented her Smurf ‘do with cool-tone pink lips and thick, black cat eye liner. Precious!

Kelly Osbourne
I really wanted to hate Kelly Osbourne’s choice of hair color, but I don’t. Those lilac strands just look so darn pretty on her! I adore that she matched her lips to her hair and did her eyes up in a yellow-gold. Yellow is the complimentary color to purple, which is why this look works so well.

The only way to describe Rih-Rih these days is: sex-pot-dot-com. Could she get any hotter? It’s really just unfair. The jury’s still out on her newly-dyed blonde tresses but her makeup is, as always, lovely. Her hazel eyes stand out thanks to the smoky black soot in the under-eye, and she kept it simple on the top lids. The pinky-nude lips work well with this subtle and sultry makeup look. SIZZLE 
Which celebrity’s makeup was your fave of the evening? Would you like to see me do a tutorial on any of these looks? Let me know in a comment below!

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