Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips Are So "Aflorable"

Sally Hansen came out with a bunch of new prints in honor of Spring and Valentine’s Day. I picked up this one in “Aflorable” and I’ve already worn it twice. I also scored one of Revlon’s brand new colors in Muse, the sage color you see on the rest of my nails. I like to mix it up when it comes to wearing the print nail polish strips. I’ll do some of my nails in the print and wear a complimenting solid polish on the rest. 

I know it’s only February, but these nails make me feel like spring is just around the corner!

A lot of people have told me that they have a hard time applying these strips, and I used to as well, until I changed the way I put them on: 

1) Put on a base coat. The directions say not to, but I find that the strip doesn’t stick as well if you lay it down on a bare nail.

2) After you lay the strip onto your nail, direct your blow dryer, on low heat, on your finger. This warms up the strip and “melts” the polish so it melds onto your nail. 
3) After blow drying for a few seconds, you should be able to gently tug at the top of the strip, pointing down, and it will cut off on its own at the tip of your nail. You can file down any ridged edges. 
Hope these tips help. Let me know if you would like to see a tutorial on this method !

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